GT-CO1 (Intro. Writing Course)

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InstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd Date
ASUENG 101Communication Arts I3.0008/01/2003 
CCCSENG 121English Composition I3.0008/01/2003 
CMUENGL 111English Composition3.0001/09/2003 
CSUCO 130Academic Writing3.0008/01/2006 
CSUPENG 101Composition I3.0008/01/2003 
CTUENGL101Composition and Critical Thinking3.0008/01/2014 
FLCCOMP 126Writing in College3.0008/01/2003 
FLCCOMP 150Reading and Writing in College4.0001/09/2004 
MSUDENG1009Freshman Composition: The Essay, Part II3.0008/01/2013 
MSUDENG 1010Freshman Composition: The Essay3.0008/01/2003 
UCBWRTG 1100First-Year Writing and Rhetoric - Extended Version4.0008/01/200508/01/2009
UCBWRTG 1150First-Year Writing and Rhetoric3.0008/01/200308/01/2009
UCCSENGL 1310Rhetoric and Writing I: Academic Reading and Analytical Writing3.0008/01/2003 
UCDENGL 1020Core Composition I3.0008/01/2003 
UNCENG 122College Composition3.0008/01/2003 
WSCUENG 102Academic Writing3.0008/01/2003