GT-AH3 (Ways of Thinking)

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InstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd DateNotes
ASUPHIL201Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSPHI 111Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHI 112Ethics3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHI 113Logic3.0001/09/2004  
CCCSPHI 114Comparative Religions3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSPHI115World Religions West3.0008/01/2013  
CCCSPHI116World Religions East3.0008/01/2013  
CCCSPHI 214Philosophy of Religion3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSPHI 218Environmental Ethics3.0001/01/2010  
CCCSPHI 220Philosophy of Death and Dying3.0008/01/2011  
CMUPHIL 105Critical Thinking3.0001/10/2003  
CMUPHIL 110Intro to Philosophy3.0008/01/2003  
CMUPHIL 120Ethics3.0001/01/2014  
CMUPHIL 130Philosophy of Religion3.0001/01/2014  
CSUPHIL 100Appreciation of Philosophy3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Plcc 100.
CSUPHIL 103Moral and Social Problems3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: PLCC 103.
CSUPHIL 110Logic and Critical Thinking3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: PLCC 110.
CSUPHIL 120History and Philosophy of Scientific Thought3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: PLCC 120.
CSUPHIL 170World Philosophies3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Plcc 170.
CSUSPCM 201Rhetoric in Western Thought3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPPHIL 102Philosophical Literature3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPPHIL 120Islam and Non-Western Religions3.0001/10/2003  
CSUPPHIL 201Classics in Ethics3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPPHIL 204Critical Reasoning3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPPHIL 205Deductive Logic3.0001/09/2004  
FLCPEAC 101Introduction to Peace and War4.0008/01/2010  
FLCPHIL 141Introduction to Philosophy4.0008/01/2003  
FLCPHIL 251Moral Philosophy4.0008/01/2006  
FLCPHIL 252Environmental Ethics4.0001/01/2010  
FLCPHIL 264Social & Political Philosophy4.0012/02/2011  
FLCPHIL 274Ancient & Medieval Philosophy4.0008/01/2013  
FLCPHIL/RS 172World Religions4.0008/01/2010  
FLCPHIL/RS 244Chinese Philosophy4.0008/01/2013  
MSUDPHI 1010Introduction to Philosophy3.0001/10/2003  
MSUDPHI 1030Introduction to Ethics3.0001/10/2003  
MSUDPHI 1110Language, Logic and Persuasion3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
UCBPHIL 1000Introduction to Philosophy3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPHIL 1010Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPHIL 1020Introduction to Western Philosophy: Modern3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPHIL 1100Ethics3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPHIL 1200Philosophy and Society3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPHIL 1400Philosophy and the Sciences3.0008/01/2009  
UCBPHIL 1600Philosophy and Religion3.0001/10/2003  
UCBRLST 2600Judaism, Christianity and Islam3.0001/10/2003  
UCBRLST 2620Religions of East Asia3.0001/10/2003  
UCCSPHIL 1000Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPHIL 1020Introduction to Ethics3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPHIL 1040The Individual and Society: Creating a Self in Society3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPHIL 1050Philosophy and Religion3.0008/20/201011/11/2014 
UCCSPHIL 1120Critical Thinking3.0008/01/2003  
UCDPHIL 1012Introduction to Philosophy: Relationship of the Individual to the World3.0008/01/2003  
UCDPHIL 1020Introduction to Ethics and Society: The Person and the Community3.0008/01/2003  
UCDPHIL 2441Logic and Language3.0008/01/2003  
UCDRLST 1610Introduction to Religious Studies3.0008/01/2006  
UCDRLST 2660World Religions3.0008/01/2006  
UNCBA 150Foundations of Business Thought3.0001/01/2007  
UNCMIND 181Great Traditions of Asia: India, China and Japan3.0008/01/2005  
UNCMIND 290Search for Meaning3.0008/01/2005  
UNCPHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy3.0001/09/2004  
UNCPHIL 110Figures in Western Philosophy3.0008/01/2003  
UNCPHIL 150Ethics in Theory and Practice3.0008/01/2007  
UNCPHIL 200Philosophical Figures3.0008/01/2012  
WSCUPHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/01/2005