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InstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd DateNotes
CSUE 238  20th Century Fiction3.0008/01/2003 Original course: ECC 238 Twentieth-Century Literature.
CCCSHIS 24720th Century World History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBFREN 21102nd Year French: Grammar and Reading I3.0008/01/2009  
MSUDECO 1040A Citizen's Guide to Economics3.0001/09/2004  
CCCSPSY 249Abnormal Psychology3.0008/01/2007  
FLCCOMP 250Academic Inquiry and Writing4.0008/01/2003  
CSUCO 130Academic Writing3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUENG 102Academic Writing3.0008/01/2003  
WSCUCOTH 202Academic Writing and Inquiry3.00   
UCBASTR 1030Accelerated Introductory Astronomy I3.0001/01/2010  
UCBASTR 1040Accelerated Introductory Astronomy II3.0001/01/2010  
UNCTHEA 159Acting Theory & Practice3.00   
FLCCOMP 253Action Research4.0008/01/2007  
FLCENGL363Advanced Composition4.0001/01/2014  
UCBWRTG 1250Advanced First-Year Writing and Rhetoric3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHONR 3220Advanced Honors Writing3.0008/01/2009  
FLCCOMP 352Advanced Technical Communication4.0008/01/2011  
UCDETST 2155African American History3.0001/01/2007  
CCCSHIS250African American History3.0001/01/2014  
UCBHIST 2437African American History3.00   
CSUHIST/ETST250African American History3.0008/01/2007  
UNCAFS 201African American History I3.0001/10/2003  
UNCAFS 202African American History II3.0001/10/2003  
UNCHIST 110African Civilization3.0008/01/2007  
FLCENGL 174African-American Literature4.0001/09/2004  
CSUAREC 202Agricultural and Resource Economics3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSAGE 102Agriculture Economics3.0008/01/2010  
CTUMATH106Algebra for Business3.0001/01/2014  
FLCMATH 113Algebra for Calculus4.0008/01/2011  
UCDMATH 1070Algebra for Social Sciences and Business3.0008/01/2006  
UCBHIST 2516America Through Baseball3.00   
MSUDHIS 1000American Civilizations3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSHIS 207American Environmental History3.0008/01/2011  
UCBENGLISH 1800American Ethnic Literatures3.00   
ASUGOVT 291American Government3.0008/01/201308/01/2014Course number changed (POLS 291).
CMUPOLS 101American Government3.0001/09/2004  
ASUPOLS291American Government3.0008/01/2014 Course number changed.
CCCSPOS 111American Government3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPOLS 101American Government and Politics3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: POCC 101.
ASUHIST 203American History 1865 to Present3.0001/10/2003  
UCBHIST 2866American History and Film3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDHIS 1220American History since 18653.0008/01/2003  
WSCUHIST 127American History since 18653.0008/01/2003  
MSUDHIS 1210American History to 18653.0008/01/2003  
WSCUHIST 126American History to 18653.0008/01/2003  
ASUHIST 202American History to 18653.0001/10/2003  
UNCHIST 290American Immigration3.00   
MSUDHIS 3590American Immigration History3.0008/01/2010  
CCCSHIS 208American Indian History3.0001/01/2010  
UCBRLST 2700American Indian Religious Traditions3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSLIT 212American Literature After Civil War3.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
CCCSLIT 211American Literature to Civil War3.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
MSUDPSC 1010American National Government3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPPOLSC 101American National Politics 3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPSCI 1101American Political System3.0008/01/2003  
UCDPSCI 1101American Political System3.0008/01/2006  
UNCASL 201American Sign Language III3.0008/01/2008  
UNCASL 202American Sign Language IV3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSASL 211American Sign Language IV3.00   
CCCSPOS 125American State and Local Government3.0001/01/2010  
CTUMATH112Analytic College Algebra3.00   
UCBMATH 1300Analytic Geometry and Calculus I3.0008/01/2003  
CSUMATH 126Analytic Trigonometry1.0008/01/2007  
UNCSES 220Anatomical Kinesiology4.0008/01/2012  
CCCSBIO 201Anatomy & Physiology I, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSBIO 202Anatomy & Physiology II, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
FLCPHIL 274Ancient & Medieval Philosophy4.0008/01/2013  
FLCTHEA 240Ancient and Classical Theatre4.0001/01/2007  
WSCUENG 255 Ancient World Literature3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSANT 225Anthropology of Religion3.00   
CSUPMATH 221Applied Calculus: An Intuitive Approach4.0001/09/2004  
UCCSEMUS 1832Appreciation of Music3.00   
CSUPHIL 100Appreciation of Philosophy3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Plcc 100.
CSULARA 250Arabic Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSANT 103Archaeology Laboratory1.0012/02/2011  
UNCANT 121Archaeology of Colorado3.00   
CCCSANT 108Archaeology of World Rock Art3.0008/01/2010  
UCCSAH 1500Art and Ideas: Michelangelo to Basquiat3.0008/20/2010  
MSUDARTH 1500Art and Visual Literacy3.0008/01/2008  
ASUAR 103Art Appreciation3.0008/01/2003  
UNCART 190Art Appreciation3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSART 110Art Appreciation3.0001/09/2004  
CMUARTE 115Art Appreciation3.0008/01/2003  
UCCSARTHIST 150Art History3.00   
CCCSART 207Art History - 1900 to Present3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSART 111Art History Ancient to Medieval3.0008/01/2003  
FLCART 262Art History I: The Ancient World to the Middle Ages4.0008/01/2006  
FLCART 263Art History II: Renaissance-Mod Wrl4.0001/09/2004  
UNCART 185Art History III3.0008/01/2011  
CCCSART 112Art History Renaissance to Modern3.0008/01/2003  
FLCART 162Art in the Humanities3.0008/01/2003  
CSUHIST/ETST252Asian American History3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: ETCC/HY 252.
UCBARTH 2409Asian Art3.0008/01/2009  
CSUHIST 120Asian Civilizations I3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 121Asian Civilizations II3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: HIST 212.
UNCHIST 113Asian Civilizations: From 1500 to the Present3.0001/01/2007  
UNCHIST 112Asian Civlizations: From Prehistory to the 1600's3.0001/01/2010  
UCCSHIST 1130Asian History: China3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1140Asian History: Japan3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1110Asian History: Southeast Asia3.0001/01/2010  
UCCSHIST 1120Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent3.0008/20/2010  
CCCSAST 101Astronomy I, with Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CCCSAST 102Astronomy II, with Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPPHYS 110/110LAstronomy and Lab4.0001/09/2004  
CSULIFE 102Attributes of Living Systems4.0008/01/2007  
CMUBIOL 105/105LAttributes of Living Systems and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
UCDBIOL 1550Basic Biology: Ecology and the Diversity of Life4.0008/01/2003  
UCDBIOL 1560Basic Biology: From Cells to Organisms4.0008/01/2003  
CSUBZ 104Basic Concepts of Plant Life3.0008/01/2008  
CSUBZ 104/105Basic Concepts of Plant Life/Basic Concepts of Plant Life Lab4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: BZCC 104/105.
UNCPHIL140Basic Logic3.00   
FLCPSYC 241Basic Statistics for Psychologists3.00   
UCBMCDB 1111Biofundamentals . . . Basis of Life3.00   
UCBMCDB 1111Biofundamentals: The Evolutionary, Molecular, and Cellular Basis of Life3.00   
UCDPSY 2220Biological Basis of Behavior3.0008/01/2007  
UNCBIO 101Biological Perspectives3.0001/09/2004  
WSCUBIOL 150Biological Principles4.0008/01/2003  
UCBPSYC 2012Biological Psychology I3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSBIOL 1000Biology in the Modern World3.0008/01/2003  
UCBEBIO 1040Biology: A Human Approach3.00   
UCBETHN 2242Black Social & Political Thought3.0008/01/2009  
FLCMU 102Blues/Jazz/Rock4.0008/01/2005  
CSUETST 256Border Crossings: People/Politics/Cultures3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPBIOL 201/201LBotany and Lab4.0008/01/2010  
CCCSBIO 221Botany, with Lab5.0008/01/2009  
UCBCLAS 1140Bread and Circuses: Society and Culture in the Roman World3.0008/01/2007  
UNCENG 214   British Literature II3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSLIT 222British Literature Since 17703.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
CCCSLIT 221British Literature to 17703.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
UNCBA 205Business Communication3.00   
UNCBA205Business Communication3.0008/01/2013  
FLCBA 253Business Statistics4.0008/01/2007  
CSUBUS 300Business Writing and Communication3.0008/01/2011  
CSUPMATH 126Calculus and Analytic Geometry I5.0001/09/2004  
CSUMATH 155Calculus for Biological Scientists I3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Mcc 155.
CSUMATH 255Calculus for Biological Scientists II3.0008/01/2007 Original title: Calculus for Biologist 2.
CSUMATH 160Calculus for Physical Scientists I3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Mcc 160.
CSUMATH 161Calculus for Physical Scientists II3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: M 161.
CSMMATH 111Calculus for Scientists & Engineers I4.0008/01/2003  
CSMMATH 112Calculus for Scientists & Engineers II4.0008/01/2003  
CSMMATH 213Calculus for Scientists & Engineers III4.0008/01/2003  
UCBMATH 1081Calculus for Social Science and Business3.00   
UNCMATH 171Calculus for the Life Sciences4.0008/01/2009  
CCCSMAT 201Calculus I5.0008/01/2003  
CMUMATH 151Calculus I5.0008/01/2007  
UNCMATH 131Calculus I4.0008/01/2005  
UCDMATH 1401Calculus I4.0008/01/2006  
FLCMATH 221Calculus I4.0008/01/2006  
WSCUMATH 151Calculus I4.0008/01/2010  
UCCSMATH 135Calculus I4.00   
MSUDMTH 1410Calculus I4.0001/09/200407/11/2013 
UCBAPPM 1350Calculus I for Engineers3.0008/01/2005  
UCBMATH 1310Calculus I with Biological Applications3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSMAT 202Calculus II5.0008/01/2003  
FLCMATH222Calculus II4.0008/01/2014  
UNCMATH 132Calculus II4.0008/01/2005  
UCDMATH 2411Calculus II4.0008/01/2006  
UCCSMATH 136Calculus II4.00   
CCCSMAT 203Calculus III4.0008/01/2006  
UCDMATH 2421Calculus III4.0008/01/2006  
FLCMATH223Calculus III4.00   
CCCSMAT 204Calculus III with Engineering Applications5.0008/01/2007  
CSUMATH 141Calculus in Management Sciences3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: M 141.
CCCSLIT 268Celtic Literature3.0008/01/2009  
MSUDCHE 1010Chemistry and Society3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
CMUCHEM 100Chemistry and Society3.0008/01/2005  
CSUPCHEM 101/101LChemistry and Society and Lab4.0001/09/2004  
UNCENST 235Chemistry and the Environment3.0008/01/2008  
UNCCHEM 101Chemistry for Citizens3.0001/01/2007  
UNCCHEM 102Chemistry for Citizens Laboratory1.0008/01/2007  
FLCCHEM 123Chemistry for Consumers3.0008/01/2006  
CSUCHEM 103Chemistry in Context3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSCHE 105Chemistry in Context, with Lab5.0008/01/2005  
CSUCHEM103/104Chemistry in Context/Chemistry in Context Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: CCC 103/104.
UCCSCHEM 1000Chemistry in the Modern World3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM 1100Chemistry in the Modern World Lab1.0008/20/2010  
CSUETST 253Chicana/o History and Culture3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPCS/SW 230Chicanos: Social & Psychological Study3.0008/01/2012  
CCCSPSY 238Child Development3.0008/01/2006  
UCDCHIN 1000China and the Chinese3.0008/01/2005  
MSUDHIS 1250China, Japan, Korea Since 18003.0001/10/2003  
CSULCHI 250Chinese Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2008  
CSULCHI 250Chinese Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.00   
FLCPHIL/RS 244Chinese Philosophy4.0008/01/2013  
UCBHIST 2746Christianity in American History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBINVS 1523Civic Engagement: Using Democracy as a Tool for Social Change3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSHIS 203Civil War Era in American History3.0008/01/2014  
FLCENGL 221Classical Literature4.0001/09/2004  
CSUPPHIL 201Classics in Ethics3.0008/01/2003  
CSUAM 250Clothing, Adornment and Human Behavior3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDRDG 1510Cognitive Strategies for Analytical Reading3.00   
CCCSMAT 121College Algebra4.0001/10/2003  
ASUMATH 106College Algebra3.0001/10/2003  
CSUPMATH 121College Algebra4.0008/01/2003  
FLCMATH 110College Algebra4.0008/01/2003  
CMUMATH 113College Algebra3.0008/01/2003  
WSCUMATH 140College Algebra3.0008/01/2003  
CTUMATH 123College Algebra3.00   
UCCSMATH 1040College Algebra3.0008/20/2010  
UNCMATH 124College Algebra4.0008/01/2005  
UCDMATH 1110College Algebra3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDMTH 1110College Algebra4.0008/01/2003  
CSUMATH 117College Algebra in Context I1.0008/01/2007  
CSUMATH 118College Algebra in Context II1.0008/01/2007  
MSUDMTH1112College Algebra Through Modeling4.0008/01/2013  
CSUPBIOL 181/181LCollege Biology I/Organismal Biology and Lab4.0008/01/2008  
CSUPBIOL 182/182LCollege Biology II /Cellular Biology and Lab4.0008/01/2010  
CSUCO 150College Composition3.0008/01/2003 Original course number was Cocc 150.
UNCENG 122College Composition3.0008/01/2003  
CMUMATH 110College Mathematics3.0008/01/2003  
FLCMATH 105College Mathematics3.0001/09/2004  
ASUPHYS 221/222College Physics (and Laboratory)5.0008/01/200308/01/2006Course number changed to 225.
UCDPHYS 2010College Physics I4.0008/01/2005  
MSUDPHY 2010/2030College Physics I/College Physics I Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
UCDPHYS 2020College Physics II4.0008/01/2005  
MSUDPHY 2020/2040College Physics II/College Physics II Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
UCDPHYS 2030College Physics Laboratory I1.0008/01/2005  
UCDPHYS 2040College Physics Laboratory II1.0008/01/2005  
ASUPHYS 225College Physics with Laboratory5.0008/01/2006 Course number changed.
UNCENG 123College Research Paper3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSMAT 122College Trigonometry3.0008/01/2005  
UCDMATH 1120College Trigonometry3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDMTH 1120College Trigonometry4.0001/09/200407/11/2013 
FLCHIST 270Colonial Latin America4.0001/01/2007  
CCCSHIS 225Colorado History3.0001/01/2010  
MSUDHIS 1110Colorado History I3.0001/10/2003  
CSUSPCM 100Communication and Popular Culture3.0008/01/2007  
UCBCOMM 2400Communication and Society3.0001/10/2003  
ASUENG 101Communication Arts I3.0008/01/2003  
ASUENG 102Communication Arts II3.0008/01/2003  
UNCENG 225Communications on a Theme3.0008/01/2008  
UCCSSOC 2220Communities in a Global Environment3.0008/20/2010  
UCBPRLC 1820Community Issues in Leadership3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSPOS 225Comparative Government3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPOLS 241Comparative Government and Politics3.0008/01/2007 Original course: POCC 241 Comparative Politics.
CMUPOLS 261Comparative Politics3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPPOLSC 202Comparative Politics3.00   
CCCSPHI 114Comparative Religions3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDHES 2150Complementary & Alternative Medical Therapies3.00   
CTUENGL101Composition and Critical Thinking3.0008/01/2014  
CSUPENG 101Composition I3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPENG 102Composition II3.0001/09/2004  
CCCSENG 201Composition III: Writing for Public Discourse3.0008/01/2010  
FLCHIST 250Composition in History4.0008/01/2007  
CTUENGL103Composition: Writing and Research3.0001/01/2014  
MSUDGEG 1920Concepts and Connections in Geography3.0001/01/2007  
CMUPHYS 100Concepts of Physics3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSPHY 105Conceptual Physics, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
UNCMIND 182Confluence of Cultures3.0001/10/2003  
FLCBIO 125Conservation Biology3.0001/01/2007  
WSCUCHEM 100Contemporary Chemistry3.0008/01/2006  
UNCMAS 110Contemporary Chicano Literature3.0001/10/2003  
UNCFR 116Contemporary France3.0001/10/2003  
UCBFREN 1800Contemporary French Literature in Translation3.00   
UNCGER 116Contemporary German3.0008/01/2007  
FLCNAIS 280Contemporary Issues of Native Nations4.0001/01/2007  
UNCJAPN 116Contemporary Japan3.00   
CSUSOC 205Contemporary Race-Ethnic Relations3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: SCC 205.
CCCSSOC 215Contemporary Social Problems3.0008/01/2006  
CSUSOWK 110Contemporary Social Welfare3.0008/01/2007 Original course: SWCC 110 Contemporary Social Welfare Policy.
MSUDHIS 2010Contemporary World History3.0008/01/2006  
UCDHIST1400Controversies in History3.0008/01/2013  
UCDCHEM 1474Core Chemistry: Chemistry for the Consumer4.0001/01/2007  
UCDENGL 1020Core Composition I3.0008/01/2003  
UCDENGL 2030Core Composition II3.0008/01/2003  
CSUJTC301Corporate and Professional Communication3.00   
UNCMIND 297Creativity in the Arts3.0001/01/2007  
UCDCRJU1000Criminal Justice: An Overview3.0001/01/2014  
CSUPPHIL 204Critical Reasoning3.0008/01/2003  
CMUPHIL 105Critical Thinking3.0001/10/2003  
UCCSPHIL 1120Critical Thinking3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDANT 2330Cross-Cultural Communication3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSSOC 240Cults, Extremist, and Religious Movements3.00   
CCCSANT 101Cultural Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
CMUANTH 201Cultural Anthropology3.0001/09/200408/01/2013Course closed.
CSUPANTHR 100Cultural Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSANT 102Cultural Anthropology Laboratory1.0012/02/2011  
UCBSPAN 1000Cultural Differences through Hispanic Literature3.0008/01/2007  
FLCANTH 217Cultural Images of Women and Men3.0008/01/2006  
UCBANTH 1200Culture and Power3.00   
UCDANTH 2102Culture and the Human Experience3.0008/01/2003  
CSUANTH 200Cultures and the Global System3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Apcc 200.
CSUPSPN 130Cultures of the Spanish-Spkg World3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSPOS 215Current Political Issues3.0008/01/2012  
MSUDSOC 2010Current Social Issues3.0001/01/200807/11/2013 
CSUPOLS 131Current World Problems3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: POCC 131.
CMUDANC 115Dance Appreciation3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPPHIL 205Deductive Logic3.0001/09/2004  
UCDSJUS 2000Democratic Participation and Social Justice3.0008/01/2009  
CSUPH 110Descriptive Physics3.0008/01/2008  
CSUPH110/111Descriptive Physics/Descriptive Physics Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: PHCC 110/111.
UNCAFS 101Development of Black Identity3.0008/01/2007  
ASUHGP 110Development of Civilization I3.0008/01/2003  
ASUHGP 111Development of Civilization II3.0008/01/2003  
UCBTHTR 1011Development of Theatre 1: Forms of Classical Theatre and Drama3.0008/01/2005  
WSCUCOTH 215Development of Theatre I3.00   
WSCUCOTH 216Development of Theatre II3.00   
CCCSTHE 211Development of Theatre: Greek to Renaissance3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSTHE 212Development of Theatre: Restoration to Modern3.0008/01/2003  
UCBSOCY 1004Deviance in U.S. Society3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSMAT 265Differential Equations3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSMAT 261Differential Equations with Engineering Applications4.0008/01/2007  
CCCSMAT 215Discrete Mathematics4.0008/01/2007  
WSCUBIOL 151Diversity & Pattern Life3.00   
MSUDSED 2200Diversity, Disability and Education3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
UCDFA 1100Drawing Foundations3.00   
MSUDHES 1050Dynamics of Health3.00   
UCDPMUS 1110Ear Training and Sight Singing3.00   
UCDPMUS 1210Ear Training and Sight Singing II3.00   
UCBHIST 2112Early Modern Societies (1450 - 1700)3.00   
FLCGEOL 106Earth & the Environment3.00   
FLCGEOL 106Earth and the Environment3.0008/01/2013  
FLCGEOL 105Earth and the Environment4.0008/01/2008  
CSUPGEOL 101/101LEarth Science and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
UNCESCI 265Earth Science Concepts for Elementary Teachers3.0001/01/2007  
FLCGEOL 170Earth Shock3.0008/01/2006  
FLCGEOL 107Earth Systems Science4.0008/01/2003  
MSUDBIO 1010Ecology for Non-Majors3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
FLCBIO 250Ecology of the Southwest4.0008/01/2005  
ASUECON 201Economics & Today's Society3.0001/09/2004  
UCCSECON 1050Economics in Practice3.0008/20/2010  
CCCSECO 101Economics of Social Issues3.0008/01/2008  
UCCSECON 1000Economics of Social Issues3.0008/20/2010  
CSUECON 101Economics of Social Issues3.0008/01/2007  
UCDEDFN 1000Education & Democracy: Segregation, Desegregation, and Resegregation3.0001/01/2013  
FLCED 222Education: Global Perspectives3.0001/01/200708/01/2013 
CMUPHYS 132/132LElectromagnetism & Optics and Laboratory5.0001/02/2004  
MSUDEET 1001Electronics: An Introduction3.0008/01/200707/11/2013 
CMUPHYS 101Elementary Astronomy3.0008/01/2007  
UNCMATH 127Elementary Functions4.0008/01/2005  
UCCSMATH 1050Elementary Functions of Calculus4.0008/01/2003  
FLCMATH 201Elementary Statistics4.0008/01/2003  
CMUMATH 205Elements of Mathematics II3.0008/01/2008  
UCCSHIST 1530Emergence of Modern America, 1865-19203.0008/20/2010  
UNCENST 225Energy and the Environment3.0008/01/2007  
WSCUPHYS 125Energy and the Environment3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSPHY 107Energy Science and Technology, with Lab4.0001/01/2010  
CMUENGL 111English Composition3.0001/09/2003  
CCCSENG 121English Composition I3.0008/01/2003  
CTUENGL 1115English Composition I3.00   
CTUENGL 1115English Composition I3.00   
CCCSENG 122English Composition II3.0008/01/2003  
CMUENGL 112English Composition II3.0001/09/2004  
CTUENGL 1125English Composition II3.00   
CMUENGL 255English Literature II3.0001/09/2004  
UCDENVS 1342Environment, Society and Sustainability3.0001/01/2007  
WSCUBIOL 200Environmental and Public Health3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUBIOL 130Environmental Biology3.0008/01/2003  
WSCUBIOL 135Environmental Biology Laboratory1.0001/10/2003  
FLCCHEM 125Environmental Chemistry3.0008/01/2008  
UCBCHEM 1031Environmental Chemistry 23.00   
UCBCHEM 1011Environmental Chemistry I3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPCHEM125/125LEnvironmental Chemistry w/ Lab4.0008/01/2014  
CSUNR 120AEnvironmental Conservation3.0008/01/2008  
CSUPBIOL 121/121LEnvironmental Conservation and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CCCSECO 245Environmental Economics3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSPHI 218Environmental Ethics3.0001/01/2010  
FLCPHIL 252Environmental Ethics4.0001/01/2010  
UCBGEOL 2100Environmental Geology3.00   
CCCSGEY 135Environmental Geology, with Lab4.0012/02/2011  
CSUSOCR/HORT171/171Environmental Issues in Agriculture3.0003/01/2007  
WSCUENG 230Environmental Literature3.0008/01/2010  
FLCPHYS 115Environmental Physical Science3.0001/09/2004  
FLCPS 205Environmental Politics3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSCHEM/BIOL 1510Environmental Science3.0008/20/2010  
CTUSCI201Environmental Science and Sustainability3.00   
UCCSCHEM 1530Environmental Science Lab1.0008/20/2010  
CCCSSOC 207Environmental Sociology3.0008/01/2010  
UCBGEOG 1001Environmental Systems 1-- Climate and Vegetation3.0008/01/2005  
UCBGEOG 1011Environmental Systems 2 --Landscapes and Water3.0008/01/2005  
UCCSGES 100Environmental Systems: Climate and Vegetation4.00   
UCCSGES 101Environmental Systems: Landforms and Soils4.00   
CCCSPHI 112Ethics3.0008/01/2003  
UCBPHIL 1100Ethics3.0001/10/2003  
CMUPHIL 120Ethics3.0001/01/2014  
UCBSOCY 1022Ethics and Social Issues in U.S. Health and Medicine3.00   
UNCPHIL 150Ethics in Theory and Practice3.0008/01/2007  
UNCENG 236 Ethnic American Literature3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSLIT 205Ethnic Literature3.0001/10/2003  
CSUETST 205Ethnicity and the Media3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: ETCC 205.
FLCSOC 279Ethnicity, Gender & Class in the Southwest4.0008/01/2006  
FLCSOC 210Ethnography and Writing4.0008/01/2008  
UCBPHYS 1140Experimental Physics 13.0008/01/2005  
UCBANTH/AIST1120/1125Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Hopi - Navajo3.00   
UCBANTH 1140Exploring a Non-Western Culture: The Maya3.00   
UCBANTH 1160Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Ancient Egypt3.00   
UCBANTH 1110Exploring a Non-Western Culture: Japan3.00   
UNCBIO 100Exploring Biology3.0008/01/2007  
UNCBIO105Exploring Biology Laboratory1.0001/01/2014  
CSUGEOL 120Exploring Earth: Physical Geology3.0008/01/2007  
CSUGEOL120/121Exploring Earth: Physical Geology/ Introductory Geology Laboratory3.0008/01/2008  
UCBWRTG 1100Extended First-Year Writing and Rhetoric4.0008/01/2009  
UCBGRMN 2503Fairy Tales of Germany3.0008/01/2009  
UCBRUSS 2231Fairy Tales of Russia3.0008/01/2009  
FLCSOC 275Family, Marriage, Sex Role3.00   
CMUENVS 103/103LField-Based Introduction to Environmental Science4.0008/01/2005  
CMUGEOL 113/113LField-based Introduction to Physical Geology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2006  
CMUGEOL 113LField-based Introduction to Physical Geology Lab4.0008/01/2006  
UNCPHIL 110Figures in Western Philosophy3.0008/01/2003  
UCBCHIN 2441Film and the Dynamics of Chinese Culture3.0008/01/2009  
CSUMATH 133Financial Mathematics3.0008/01/2007  
UCBMATH 1071Finite Math for Social Science and Business3.00   
CCCSMAT 123Finite Mathematics4.0008/01/2005  
ASUMATH 104Finite Mathematics3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDMTH 1310Finite Mathematics for the Management and Social Sciences4.0008/01/2003  
UNCMIND 100First Year Preceptorial3.0001/01/2009  
UCBWRTG 1150First-Year Writing and Rhetoric3.0008/01/2009  
UCBWRTG 1150First-Year Writing and Rhetoric3.0008/01/200308/01/2009 
UCBWRTG 1100First-Year Writing and Rhetoric - Extended Version4.0008/01/200508/01/2009 
CCCSHIS260Foreign Relations History3.0008/01/201001/12/2011Course title changed.
UCCSCHEM 1300Forensic Chemistry I3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM 1310Forensic Chemistry I Lab1.0008/20/2010  
UNCBA 150Foundations of Business Thought3.0001/01/2007  
CSULAND/LIFE220Foundations of Ecology3.0008/01/2007  
UCDPHYS 1100Foundations of Physics4.0008/01/2008  
UCBFREN 1700Francophone Literature in Translation3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSFRE 211French Language III3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSFRE 212French Language IV3.0008/01/2006  
CSULFRE 250French Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDENG1009Freshman Composition: The Essay, Part II3.0008/01/2013  
MSUDENG 1020Freshman Composition: Analysis, Research3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDENG 1010Freshman Composition: The Essay3.0008/01/2003  
FLCCHEM 150Fund of Chem I Atoms/Molecules4.0001/09/2004  
FLCCHEM 151Fund of Chem II Chem Reactions4.0008/01/2005  
CMUPHYS 131/131LFundamental Mechanics and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
UCBMATH 1011Fundamentals and Techniques of College Algebra3.00   
CSUCHEM 107Fundamentals of Chemistry3.0008/01/2008  
CSUCHEM107/108Fundamentals of Chemistry/Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: CCC 107/108.
UCDCOMM 1011Fundamentals of Communication3.0001/01/2007  
UCBMCDB 1041Fundamentals of Human Genetics3.0008/01/2007  
UNCMATH 181Fundamentals of Mathematics I: Number and Operations3.0008/01/2003 Students MUST successfully pass BOTH Math 181 & Math 182 to satisfy the gtPathways math requirement.
UNCMATH 182Fundamentals of Mathematics II: Algebra, Probability and Data Analysis3.0008/01/2003 Students MUST successfully pass BOTH Math 181 & Math 182 to satisfy the gtPathways math requirement.
ASUCOMM255Fundamentals of Media Communication3.0008/01/2014  
FLCMU 120Fundamentals of Music4.0008/01/2006  
WSCUMUS 100Fundamentals of Music3.0008/01/2003  
UNCPSCI 105Fundamentals of Politics3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDGEL 1520Garden of the Gods - Front Range Geology3.00   
MSUDSPE 2770Gender and Communication3.0001/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2626Gender and Culture3.0008/01/2007  
UCBLIBB 1600Gender and Film3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSECO211Gender in the Economy3.0001/01/2014  
CSUECON 211Gender in the Economy3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: ECCC 211.
UCBWMST 2600Gender, Race, and Class in the Global Context3.0008/01/2009  
UNCAST 100General Astronomy4.0008/01/2003  
UCCSPES 1050General Astronomy I3.0008/01/2003  
UCDPHYS 1052General Astronomy I4.0008/01/2005  
UCCSPES 1060General Astronomy II3.0008/01/2003  
UCCSPES 1090General Astronomy Laboratory I1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 1100General Astronomy Laboratory II1.0008/20/2010  
UCBEBIO 1210/General Biology 1 & Lab3.0008/01/2003  
UCBEBIO  1220General Biology 2 & lab3.0008/01/2003  
ASUBIOL209/209LGeneral Biology I5.0008/01/2014  
UCDBIOL 2051General Biology I3.0008/01/2005  
UCCSBIOL 110General Biology I3.0001/01/200808/15/2008 
UCCSBIOL 1200General Biology I: Organismic Biology4.0008/20/2010  
UCDBIOL 2061General Biology II3.0008/01/2005  
ASUBIOL210/210LGeneral Biology II5.0008/01/2014  
MSUDBIO 1081/1091General Biology II/General Biology II Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSBIOL 115/116General Biology II/General Biology II Laboratory5.00   
ASUBIOL 204/204LGeneral Biology II/General Biology II Laboratory5.0008/01/200508/01/2014Course title & number changed (209/209L).
UCCSBIOL 1210General Biology II: Introduction to the Cell4.0008/20/2010  
UCDBIOL 2071General Biology Laboratory I1.0008/01/2005  
UCDBIOL 2081General Biology Laboratory II1.0008/01/2005  
ASUBIOL 203/203LGeneral Biology/General Biology Laboratory5.0008/01/200308/01/2014Course title & number changed (210/210L).
MSUDBIO 1080/1General BiologyI/General Biology I Lab3.0008/01/2003  
ASUCHEM 131General Chemistry5.0001/09/2004  
WSCUCHEM 113General Chemistry + Laboratory II4.00   
UCBCHEM 1131General Chemistry 23.0008/01/2007  
UCCSCHEM 1030General Chemistry I5.0008/20/2010  
CSUCHEM 111General Chemistry I3.0008/01/2008  
UCDCHEM 2031General Chemistry I3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUCHEM 111General Chemistry I3.0001/09/2004  
UCBCHEM 1111General Chemistry I3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPCHEM 121/121LGeneral Chemistry I and Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CMUCHEM 131/131LGeneral Chemistry I and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
MSUDCHE 1800/1850General Chemistry I/General Chemistry I Lab4.0008/01/2006  
CSUCHEM111/112General Chemistry I/General Chemistry Laboratory I3.0001/10/200302/02/2007 
MSUDCHE 1810General Chemistry II4.0008/01/2006  
UCDCHEM 2061General Chemistry II3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSCHEM 1060General Chemistry II5.0008/20/2010  
ASUCHEM 132General Chemistry II5.0001/09/2004  
CSUPCHEM 122/122LGeneral Chemistry II and lab5.0001/09/2004  
CMUCHEM 132/132LGeneral Chemistry II and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
WSCUCHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I1.0001/09/2004  
UCDCHEM 2038General Chemistry Laboratory I1.0008/01/2006  
CSUCHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I1.0008/01/2007  
UCDCHEM 2068General Chemistry Laboratory II2.0008/01/2006  
CCCSBIO 111General College Biology I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSBIO 112General College Biology II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSCHE 111General College Chemistry I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSCHE 112General College Chemistry II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSBIO 208General College Microbiology, with Lab5.0008/01/2007  
UNCGEOL 100General Geology4.0008/01/2003  
CMUBIOL 101/101LGeneral Human Biology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
UNCMET 205General Meteorology4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSMET 150General Meteorology, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
UNCOCN 200General Oceanography4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSNRE 251General Oceanography, with Lab4.0008/01/2009  
CMUBIOL 102/102LGeneral Organic Biology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
ASUPHYS 230-2General Physics (Calculus) with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
UCBPHYS 2010General Physics 13.0008/01/2007  
UCBPHYS 1120General Physics 23.0008/01/2005  
CSUPH 121General Physics I3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Phcc 121.
UNCPHYS 240General Physics I5.0001/09/2004  
UCBPHYS 1110General Physics I3.0008/01/2007  
WSCUPHYS 200General Physics I (with laboratory)4.0001/09/2004  
CSUPPHYS 221/221LGeneral Physics I and Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CMUPHYS 111/111LGeneral Physics I and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
MSUDPHY 2311/2321General Physics I/General Physics I Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
CSUPH 122General Physics II3.00 01/13/2008Original course number: PHCC 122.
UCBPHYS 2020General Physics II3.0008/01/2007  
ASUPHYS 232/233General Physics II (Calculus based)5.0008/01/2005  
WSCUPHYS201General Physics II (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2014  
CSUPPHYS 222/222LGeneral Physics II and Lab5.0001/09/2004  
CMUPHYS 112/112LGeneral Physics II and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
MSUDPHY 2331/2341General Physics II/General Physics II Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
UCCSPES 1150General Physics Lab Algebra Based1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPSY 100General Psychology3.00   
WSCUPSY 100General Psychology3.0008/01/2005  
WSCUPSY 151General Psychology3.00 08/01/2005 
CSUPSY 100General Psychology3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPPSYCH 100General Psychology3.0001/09/2004  
CCCSPSY 101General Psychology I3.0001/09/2004  
CMUPSYC 150General Psychology I3.0001/09/2004  
CCCSPSY 102General Psychology II3.0008/01/2003  
CSUSOC 100General Sociology3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: SCC 100.
CMUSOCO 260General Sociology3.0001/09/2004  
CCCSBIO 220General Zoology, with Lab5.0008/01/2007  
UNCCHEM281General, Organic and Biochemistry3.0008/01/2014  
UNCCHEM 281LGeneral, Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory1.0008/01/2014  
MSUDGEG 2020Geography in Colorado3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUGEOG 250Geography of North America3.0008/01/2003  
UNCGEOG 110Geography of the United States and Canada3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDGEL 1020Geology of Colorado3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
CMUGEOL 105Geology of Colorado3.0008/01/2006  
CSUGEOL 124Geology of Natural Resources3.0008/01/2007  
CSUGEOL121/124Geology of Natural Resources/ Introductory Geology Laboratory3.0008/01/2008  
MSUDGEL 1510Geology of Red Rocks and Vicinity3.00   
FLCGEOL 150Geology of the Southwest3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSGEY108Geology of U.S. National Parks3.0008/01/2013  
CCCSGER 211German Language III3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSGER 212German language IV3.0008/01/2005  
CSULGER 250German Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
UCDGRMN 1000Germany and the Germans3.0001/01/2007  
UCDHIST 1382Getting Here: Paths to the Present II3.0008/01/2003  
UCBGEOL 1060Global Change: An Earth Science Perspective3.00   
CSUNR 130Global Environmental Systems3.0008/01/2010  
UNCPSCI 110Global Issues3.0008/01/2009  
UCBIAFS 1000Global Issues and International Affairs3.0008/01/2009  
CSUIE179Globalization: Exploring Our Global Village3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSWST 240Goddesses and Women of the Ancient World3.0008/01/2010  
UNCMIND 180Great Ideas of the Western Tradition3.0001/10/2003  
UNCMIND 181Great Traditions of Asia: India, China and Japan3.0008/01/2005  
UCDENGL 2600 Great Works in British and American Literature3.0008/01/2003  
UCBCLAS 1100Greek Mythology3.00   
CCCSPSY 240Health Psychology3.0008/01/2009  
UNCHISP 102Hispanic Cultures in the United States3.0008/01/2007  
WSCUSPAN 256Hispanic Literature and Film in Translation3.00   
MSUDGEL 1030Historical Geology4.0001/01/200707/11/2013 
CCCSGEY121Historical Geology, with lab4.0008/01/200307/31/2012Course number changed.
CCCSGEY 112Historical Geology, with Lab4.0008/01/2012 Course number changed.
CSUPHIL 120History and Philosophy of Scientific Thought3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: PLCC 120.
WSCUHIST254History of Africa3.0001/01/2014  
UCBHIST 2316History of American Culture3.00   
CSUPART 211History of Art I3.0008/01/2003  
UNCART 181History of Art I3.0001/01/2007  
UCDFA 2600History of Art I (Survey)3.0008/01/200508/01/2006 
UNCART 182History of Art II3.0008/01/2005  
CSUPART 212History of Art II3.0008/01/2003  
UCDFA 2610History of Art II (Survey)3.0001/01/200608/01/2006 
UNCART 185History of Art III3.0008/01/2011  
CMUARTE 119History of Art: Renaissance to Present3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2170History of Christianity I3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 2117History of Colorado3.00   
CCCSDAN 125History of Dance I3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 2015History of Early America3.0008/01/2007  
FLCENGL 270History of Film4.0008/01/2006  
FLCSW 125History of Hispanos in the Southwest3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSHIS 249History of Islamic Civilization3.0008/01/2009  
UCCSMUS 2050History of Jazz3.0008/20/2010  
CCCSMUS 125History of Jazz3.0001/01/2010  
CCCSHIS 244History of Latin America3.0001/01/2010  
WSCUHIST260History of Latin America3.0008/01/2014  
MSUDCHS 1010History of Meso-America: Pre-Columbian and Colonial Eras3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
UNCHIST 118History of Mexico3.0001/01/2007  
CCCSHIS 243History of Modern China3.0008/01/2010  
UNCMUS 243History of Music I3.0008/01/2005  
UNCMUS 244History of Music II3.00 09/09/2005 
CMUMUSA 266History of Popular Music3.0008/01/2006  
UNCMUS 150History of Rock and Roll3.0008/01/2005  
WSCUMUS245History of Rock and Roll3.0001/01/2014  
CCCSHIS218History of Science and Technology3.0008/01/2014  
UCBHIST 2227History of the American Southwest3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDCHS 1020History of the Chicana/o in the Southwest: 1810 to Present3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUHIST 250History of the Middle East3.0001/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1025History of the United States Since 18653.0008/01/2003  
UCBHIST 1015History of the United States to 18653.0008/01/2003  
UNCTHEA 296History of Theatre I3.0001/01/2007  
UNCTHEA 297History of Theatre II3.0001/01/2007  
CMUENGL 129Honors English3.0008/01/2005  
MSUDENG1021Honors Freshman Composition: Research, Analysis, and Documentation3.0008/01/2013  
UCBCHEM 1051Honors General Chemistry 13.00   
UCBCHEM 1071Honors General Chemistry 23.00   
CMUMATH 149Honors Mathematics3.0008/01/2005  
UCBHIST 1045Honors: The United States Since 18653.00   
UCBHIST 1035Honors: The United States to 18653.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1040Honors: Western Civilization 23.0008/01/2007  
CSUHORT 100Horticultural Science3.00   
UCCSBIOL 201Human Anatomy and Physiology I4.00   
UCCSBIOL 202Human Anatomy and Physiology II4.00   
FLCANTH 246Human Biological Variation3.0008/01/2009  
MSUDBIO 1000Human Biology for Non-Majors3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPPSYCH 151Human Development3.0001/09/2004  
CCCSGEO 106Human Geography3.0001/10/2003  
UNCGEOG 200Human Geography3.0008/01/2008  
CMUGEOG102Human Geography3.0001/01/2014  
CCCSPSY 235Human Growth & Development3.0001/09/2004  
UNCPSY 230Human Growth and Development3.0001/10/2003  
CMUPSYC 233Human Growth and Development3.0008/01/2006  
FLCGS 101Human Heritage I4.0001/09/2004  
FLCGS 102Human Heritage II3.0001/09/2004  
CSUANTH 120Human Origins and Variation3.0008/01/2008  
CSUANTH120/121Human Origins and Variation/Human Origins and Variation Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2050Human Origins I3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2060Human Origins II3.0008/01/2007  
FLCBIO 234Human Physiology4.0008/01/2007  
CSUPBIOL 223/223LHuman Physiology and Anatomy I and Lab4.0008/01/2006  
CSUPBIOL 224/224LHuman Physiology and Anatomy II and Lab4.0008/01/2006  
CCCSPSY 217Human Sexuality3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSHUM 121Humanities: Early Civilization3.0006/01/2006 Course title changed.
CCCSHUM 122Humanities: Medieval-Modern3.0006/01/2006 Course title changed.
CCCSHUM 123Humanities: Modern World3.0006/01/2006 Course title changed.
CSUBZ 101Humans and Other Animals3.0008/01/2007  
UNCHUM 231Images of Women in Literature and the Arts3.0001/01/2007  
UCCSSOC/WEST 2250Images of Women in Society3.0008/20/2010  
CCCSANT 215Indians of North America3.0008/01/2008  
CSUHDFS 101Individual and Family Development3.0008/01/2007  
CSUBSPM 102Insects, Science, and Society3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDSCI 2620Integrated Earth Systems3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSMAT 155Integrated Math I3.0008/01/200606/15/2011Students MUST successfully pass BOTH MAT 155 & MAT 156 to satisfy the gtPathways math requirement.
CCCSMAT 156Integrated Math II3.0008/01/200606/15/2011Students MUST successfully pass BOTH MAT 155 & MAT 156 to satisfy the gtPathways math requirement.
ASUMATH 155Integrated Mathematics I3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDMTH 1610Integrated Mathematics I3.0008/01/2006  
ASUMATH 156Integrated Mathematics II3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDSCI 2610Integrated Natural Science I3.0008/01/2007  
ASUSCI 155Integrated Science I - Physical Science4.0008/01/2006  
CCCSSCI 155Integrated Science I: Physics and Chemistry, with Lab4.0008/01/2006 Students MUST successfully pass BOTH SCI 155 & 156 to satisfy the gtPathways science requirement.
ASUSCI 156Integrated Science II - Natural Science4.0008/01/2006  
CCCSSCI 156Integrated Science II: Earth and Life Science, with Lab4.0008/01/2006 Students MUST successfully pass BOTH SCI 155 & 156 to satisfy the gtPathways science requirement.
UCBSPAN 2150Intensive Second Year Spanish3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSCOM 220Intercultural Communication3.0012/02/2011  
CCCSCOM 220Intercultural Communication3.00   
UCBARAB 2110Intermediate Arabic I3.0008/01/2009  
UNCCHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I3.0008/01/2008  
UCBCHIN 2110Intermediate Chinese I3.00   
UNCCHIN 202Intermediate Chinese II3.0008/01/2008  
UNCFR 201Intermediate French I3.0008/01/2005  
CSUPFRN 201Intermediate French I3.0008/01/2009  
FLCML 247Intermediate French I4.0001/01/2007  
UNCFR 202Intermediate French II3.0001/01/2007  
CSUPFRN 202Intermediate French II3.0008/01/2009  
FLCML 248Intermediate French II4.0001/01/2007  
CSUPGER 201Intermediate German I3.0008/01/2009  
UNCGER 201Intermediate German I3.0008/01/2007  
UCBGRMN 2010Intermediate German I3.0008/01/2009  
FLCML 223Intermediate German I3.0001/01/2007  
UNCGER 202Intermediate German II3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPGER 202Intermediate German II3.0008/01/2009  
FLCML 224Intermediate German II3.0008/01/2006  
UCDGER 2150Intermediate German II: Grammar Review and Oral Practice3.00   
UCBHEBR 2110Intermediate Hebrew I3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIND 2010Intermediate Hindi I3.00   
CSUPITL 201Intermediate Italian I3.0008/01/2009  
CSUPITL 202Intermediate Italian II3.0008/01/2009  
UCBITAL 2110Intermediate Italian Reading/Grammar/Composition3.0008/01/2009  
UCBJPNS 2110Intermediate Japanese I3.00   
FLCML 235Intermediate Japanese I4.0001/01/2007  
UNCJAPN 202Intermediate Japanese II3.0008/01/2007  
FLCML 236Intermediate Japanese II4.0001/01/2007  
UNCJAPN 201Intermediate Japenese I3.0008/01/2008  
UCBCLAS 2114Intermediate Latin I3.0008/01/2009  
FLCML 215Intermediate Spanish I4.0001/01/2007  
UNCSPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3.0001/01/2007  
CSUPSPN 201Intermediate Spanish I3.0008/01/2009  
FLCML 216Intermediate Spanish II4.0008/01/2006  
UNCSPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPSPN 202Intermediate Spanish II3.0008/01/2009  
CSUPOLS 232International Relations3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: POCC 232.
CSUPPOLSC 201International Relations3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSPOS 205International Relations3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSSOC 2120International to Social Research4.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCOMM 102Interpersonal Communication3.00   
MSUDSPE 1710Interpersonal Communication3.00   
UCBHIST 1608Intro to Chinese History3.0008/01/200501/01/2011 
CMUTHEA 145Intro to Dramatic Lit3.0008/01/2003  
FLCGWS 101Intro to Gender & Women's Studies3.0001/10/2003  
WSCUANTH 107Intro to General Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
FLCPS 221Intro to International Politics4.0008/01/2009  
CMUPHIL 110Intro to Philosophy3.0008/01/2003  
UCDPHYS 1000Intro to Physics3.00 12/01/2007 
CSUSTAT 301Intro to Statistical Methods3.0008/01/200309/11/2007Course withdrawn.
MSUDAAS 1010Introduction to African-American Studies3.0008/01/2006  
UNCAFS 100Introduction to Africana Studies3.0008/01/2008  
WSCUPOLS 180Introduction to American Government3.0008/01/2003  
CSUE 270Introduction to American Literature3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: ECC 270.
UNCANT 100Introduction to Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
FLCANTH 151Introduction to Anthropology4.0008/01/2003  
CMUANTH202Introduction to Anthropology3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSANT 107Introduction to Archaeology3.0008/01/2007  
UCDANTH 1302Introduction to Archaeology4.0008/01/2007  
FLCANTH 201Introduction to Archaeology4.0008/01/200609/01/2013 
WSCUART 105Introduction to Art3.0008/01/2003  
UCDFA 1001Introduction to Art3.00   
UCDFINE 1001Introduction to Art3.0008/01/2006  
CSUAA 100Introduction to Astronomy3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDAST 1040Introduction to Astronomy3.0001/01/2007  
FLCPHYS 145Introduction to Astronomy3.0008/01/2006  
ASUPHYS 201Introduction to Astronomy4.0008/01/2005  
FLCPHYS 146Introduction to Astronomy4.0008/01/2003  
CSUAA100/101Introduction to Astronomy/Astronomy Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
UCDANTH 1303Introduction to Biological Anthropology4.0008/01/2007  
MSUDTHE3214Introduction to Black Theatre I3.0008/01/2013  
UCBMCDB 1150Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology3.0008/01/2007  
UCBMCDB 1151Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory1.0008/01/2007  
UCBCEES/HIST2002Introduction to Central and East European Studies3.0008/01/2007  
UCBCEES/HIST2002Introduction to Central and Eastern European Studies3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSCHEM 1010Introduction to Chemistry4.0008/20/2010  
CCCSCHE 101Introduction to Chemistry I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSCHE 102Introduction to Chemistry II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
MSUDCHS 1000Introduction to Chicana/o Studies3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPCS 101Introduction to Chicano Studies3.0001/10/2003  
MSUDENG 2460Introduction to Children's Literature for Non-Majors3.0008/01/2007  
UNCCHIN 116Introduction to Chinese Civilization3.00   
UCDHBSC 2001Introduction to Community and Population Health Sciences3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUPOLS255Introduction to Comparative Politics3.0001/01/2014  
FLCPS 280Introduction to Comparative Politics4.0001/01/2007  
UCBPSCI 2012Introduction to Comparative Politics3.0008/01/2007  
UNCCS 101Introduction to Computer Science3.00   
UCDCSCI1350Introduction to Computing in Society3.00   
CSUPENG114Introduction to Creative Writing3.0008/01/2014  
FLCPS 241Introduction to Criminal Justice System4.0008/01/2007  
UNCANT 110Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDANT 1310Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
UCCSANTH 1040Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
UNCHUM 130Introduction to Cultural Studies3.0001/10/2003  
MSUDFR 1000Introduction to Cultures of the Francophone World3.00 09/09/2005 
UCDFREN 1000Introduction to Cultures of the French-Speaking World3.0008/01/2006  
UCDSPAN 1000Introduction to Cultures of the Spanish Speaking World3.0008/01/2007  
FLCTHEA 126Introduction to Dance4.0008/01/2006  
UCBDNCE 1029Introduction to Dance and Culture3.0008/01/2009  
CMUGEOL 106Introduction to Dinosaurs3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDENG 1120Introduction to Drama3.0008/01/2006  
UCBECON 1000Introduction to Economics3.00   
UCCSPES/ENSC 1500Introduction to Energy Science I3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES/ENSC 1510Introduction to Energy Science II3.0008/20/2010  
WSCUENVS100Introduction to Environment and Sustainability3.0008/01/2014  
MSUDENV 1200Introduction to Environmental Science3.0008/01/2006  
ASUENV 101Introduction to Environmental Science4.0008/01/2006  
UCDENVS 1042Introduction to Environmental Science4.0008/01/2007  
CMUENVS 101Introduction to Environmental Science3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSENV 101Introduction to Environmental Science, with Lab4.0008/01/2009  
UNCENST 100Introduction to Environmental Studies3.0008/01/2008  
MSUDPHI 1030Introduction to Ethics3.0001/10/2003  
UCCSPHIL 1020Introduction to Ethics3.0008/20/2010  
UCDPHIL 1020Introduction to Ethics and Society: The Person and the Community3.0008/01/2003  
UCCSENGL 200Introduction to Ethnic Studies3.0008/01/200308/20/2010 
UCCSEST 200Introduction to Ethnic Studies3.0008/01/200508/20/2010 
CCCSETH 200Introduction to Ethnic Studies3.0008/01/2008  
UCDETST 2000Introduction to Ethnic Studies3.0001/01/2007  
CSUETST 100Introduction to Ethnic Studies3.0008/01/2006 Original course: ETCC 100 Ethnicity in America.
UNCSOC 120Introduction to Family Studies3.0001/01/2007  
MSUDENG 1110Introduction to Fiction3.0008/01/200707/11/2013 
UNCFILM 120Introduction to Film3.0008/01/2009  
MSUDLAS 2850Introduction to Film3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSFILM 1000Introduction to Film Studies3.0008/20/2010  
CCCSANT 201Introduction to Forensic Anthropology3.0008/01/2010  
FLCANTH 241Introduction to Forensic Anthropology3.0008/01/200908/01/2013 
ASUCHEM 103Introduction to Forensic Chemistry4.0012/02/2011  
ASUCHEM 103Introduction to Forensic Chemistry4.00   
CSUPCHEM 160/160LIntroduction to Forensic Science and Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CSUGR 100Introduction to Geography3.0008/01/2007  
UCBGEOL 1010Introduction to Geology 13.0008/01/2005  
UCBGEOL 1020Introduction to Geology 23.0008/01/2007  
UCBGEOL 1030Introduction to Geology Laboratory 13.0008/01/2005  
UNCGERO 205Introduction to Gerontology3.0001/10/2003  
UNCHISP 111Introduction to Hispanic Literature3.0001/01/2007  
UNCASLS 160Introduction to Human Communication and Its Disorders3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSBIO 116Introduction to Human Disease3.0012/02/2011  
CSUMIP 101Introduction to Human Disease3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDGEG 1300Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/10/2003  
UCDGEOG 1302Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
WSCUGEOG 120Introduction to Human Geography3.0001/09/2004  
UCCSGES 1990Introduction to Human Geography4.0008/20/2010  
UCCSANTH 1030Introduction to Human Origins3.0008/01/2003  
UNCHUSR 205Introduction to Human Services3.0001/01/2009  
CSUE 232Introduction to Humanities3.0001/10/2003 Original course number: ECC 232.
UCBHUMN 1010Introduction to Humanities I6.00   
UCBHUMN 1020Introduction to Humanities II6.00   
WSCUCHEM 101Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry3.0008/01/2006  
UCBPSCI 2223Introduction to International Relations3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2319Introduction to Islam3.00   
UCBITAL 1500Introduction to Italian Culture3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 1708Introduction to Japanese History3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 1108Introduction to Jewish History3.0008/01/2009  
MSUDJRN 1010Introduction to Journalism and Mass Media3.0008/01/2006  
UCBHIST 1038Introduction to Latin American History3.0008/01/2007  
CMUSOCI101Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies3.0008/01/2014  
UCBLGBT 2000Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies3.0008/01/2009  
UNCENG 131   Introduction to Literature3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPENG 130Introduction to Literature3.0001/10/2003  
MSUDENG 1100 Introduction to Literature3.0001/09/2004  
CMUENGL 150Introduction to Literature3.0001/09/2004  
CTULITR 2205Introduction to Literature3.0012/02/2011  
UCCSENGL 1500Introduction to Literature for Non-Majors3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSLIT 115Introduction to Literature I3.0008/01/2003  
UCCSECON 202Introduction to Macroeconomics3.00   
FLCENGL 116Introduction to Mass Communications4.0006/02/2005  
CCCSJOU 105Introduction to Mass Media3.0008/01/2009  
UCDCOMM 1021Introduction to Media Studies3.0001/01/2007  
FLCAG 203Introduction to Medicinal Crops3.0001/01/2007  
UNCMAS 100Introduction to Mexican American Studies3.0008/01/2007  
CMUBIOL 250/250LIntroduction to Microbiology / Introduction to Microbiology Laboratory5.0001/01/2014  
UCCSECON 101Introduction to Microeconomics3.00   
UCBHIST 1308Introduction to Middle Eastern History3.00   
UCBGERMAN 1601Introduction to Modern German Culture and Civilization3.00   
UCBSCAN 2201Introduction to Modern Scandinavian Society3.00   
UCCSMUS 100Introduction to Music3.00   
UNCMUS 140Introduction to Music3.0008/01/2005  
WSCUMUS 140Introduction to Music3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDMUS 1000Introduction to Music3.0008/01/2003  
CSUMU 131Introduction to Music History and Literature3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSMUS121Introduction to Music History I3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CCCSMUS122Introduction to Music History II3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
ASUMUS 100Introduction to Music Literature3.0008/01/2006  
FLCNAIS 110Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies4.0008/01/2008  
MSUDNAS 1000Introduction to Native American Studies3.0008/01/200707/11/2013 
MSUDNUT 2040Introduction to Nutrition3.0008/01/2006  
FLCGEOL 180Introduction to Oceanography3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSCHEM 1020Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry4.0008/20/2010  
UCBCHEM 1071Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry3.0008/01/2007  
FLCBIO 112Introduction to Organismic and Evolutionary Biology4.0008/01/2006  
FLCPEAC 101Introduction to Peace and War4.0008/01/2010  
MSUDPHI 1010Introduction to Philosophy3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSPHI 111Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/01/2003  
FLCPHIL 141Introduction to Philosophy4.0008/01/2003  
UCBPHIL 1000Introduction to Philosophy3.0001/10/2003  
ASUPHIL201Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/01/2014  
UNCPHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy3.0001/09/2004  
WSCUPHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/01/2005  
UCCSPHIL 1000Introduction to Philosophy3.0008/20/2010  
UCDPHIL 1012Introduction to Philosophy: Relationship of the Individual to the World3.0008/01/2003  
FLCANTH 236Introduction to Physical and Biological Anthropology4.0008/01/2006  
UNCANT 130Introduction to Physical Anthropology3.0001/01/2014  
UCBANTH 2010Introduction to Physical Anthropology I3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2030Introduction to Physical Anthropology I Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2040Introduction to Physical Anthropology II Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2020Introduction to Physical Anthropoogy II3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDGEG 1100Introduction to Physical Geography3.0008/01/2006  
ASUGEOG101Introduction to Physical Geography4.0001/01/2014  
ASUGEOG101Introduction to Physical Geography4.00   
UCDGEOG 1202Introduction to Physical Geography3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDPHY 1000Introduction to Physics4.0001/01/2007  
UCCSPES 1140Introduction to Physics Laboratory1.0008/20/2010  
WSCUPOLS 117Introduction to Political Ideas3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPOS 105Introduction to Political Science3.0008/01/2003  
FLCPS 101Introduction to Political Science4.0008/01/2003  
UCDPSCI 1001Introduction to Political Science: The Quest for Freedom and Justice3.0008/01/2006  
CSUANTH 140Introduction to Prehistory3.0008/01/2007  
CMUENGL 219Introduction to Professional Writing3.0008/01/2012 Course title changed.
FLCPSYC 157Introduction to Psychology4.0001/01/2007  
CTUPSYC 1005Introduction to Psychology3.0012/02/2011  
ASUPSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3.0008/01/2003  
UCDPSYC 1000Introduction to Psychology I3.0008/01/2006  
UCDPSYC 1005Introduction to Psychology II3.0001/01/2007  
UCCSWEST 2010Introduction to Race and Gender3.0008/01/2009  
UCCSSOC 2200Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Issues3.0008/20/2010  
UCDRLST 1610Introduction to Religious Studies3.0008/01/2006  
UCBIPHY 1950Introduction to Scientific Writing Physiology3.00   
MSUDENG 1310Introduction to Shakespeare3.0008/01/200707/11/2013 
CCCSLIT 225Introduction to Shakespeare3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDSOC 1040Introduction to Social Gerontology3.0008/01/200907/11/2013 
UCDSOCY 2462Introduction to Social Psychology3.0008/01/2008  
MSUDSWK 1010Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work3.00   
FLCANTH 210Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology4.0008/01/2006  
UCCSSOC 1110Introduction to Sociology4.0008/20/2010  
WSCUSOC 101Introduction to Sociology3.00   
CCCSSOC 101Introduction to Sociology3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPSOC 101Introduction to Sociology3.0008/01/2003  
FLCSOC 100Introduction to Sociology4.0001/10/2003  
MSUDSOC 1010Introduction to Sociology3.0008/01/2003  
CTUSOCL102Introduction to Sociology3.0008/01/2014  
CTUSOCL 1015Introduction to Sociology3.00   
UCBSOCY 1001Introduction to Sociology3.0008/01/2007  
UCDSOCY 1001Introduction to Sociology3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSSOC 102Introduction to Sociology II3.0001/09/2004  
UCBASIA 1000Introduction to South and Southeast Asian Civilizations3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 1408Introduction to South Asian History3.0008/01/2007  
UNCSCI 106Introduction to Spaceflight3.0001/01/2007  
UNCSTAT 150Introduction to Statistical Analysis3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSMAT 135Introduction to Statistics3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPMATH 156Introduction to Statistics3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDMTH 1210Introduction to Statistics3.0008/01/2003  
CMUENGL219Introduction to Technical Writing3.00   
CMUENGL219Introduction to Technical Writing3.0001/01/200907/25/2012Course title changed.
MSUDCJC 1010Introduction to the Criminal Justice System3.00   
CTUHUMN201Introduction to the Fine Arts3.0001/01/2014  
CTUSCI101Introduction to the Sciences3.0001/01/2014  
CTUSCI103Introduction to the Sciences Laboratory1.0001/01/2014  
UNCTHEA 130Introduction to the Theatre3.0008/01/2005  
CSUART 100Introduction to the Visual Arts3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Arcc 100.
CCCSTHE105Introduction to Theater Arts3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
WSCUCOM121Introduction to Theatre3.0008/01/2014  
CSUTH 141Introduction to Theatre3.0008/01/2008  
MSUDTHE 2210Introduction to Theatre3.0001/09/2004  
FLCTHEA 101Introduction to Theatre4.0008/01/2003  
UCBTHTR 1009Introduction to Theatre3.0008/01/2003  
ASUTHTR 180Introduction to Theatre3.0008/01/2003  
UCDTHTR 1001Introduction to Theatre3.0008/01/2003  
UCDGEOG 1602Introduction to Urban Studies3.0008/01/2007  
UCBPHIL 1010Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPHIL 1020Introduction to Western Philosophy: Modern3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSWST 200Introduction to Women Studies3.0008/01/2008  
UCBENGLISH 1260Introduction to Women's Literature3.00   
MSUDWMS 1001Introduction to Women's Studies3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSWMST 200Introduction to Women's Studies3.0008/01/200308/20/2010 
CTULITR203Introduction to World Literature3.0001/01/2014  
WSCUPOLS260Introduction to World Politics3.0001/01/2014  
FLCAG 101Introductory Animal Science4.0008/01/2006  
ASUBIOL 101Introductory Biology4.0008/01/2005  
UCCSBIOL 1060Introductory Biology Laboratory1.0008/20/2010  
ASUCHEM101Introductory Chemistry5.0008/01/200307/31/2006Course number changed to 111.
ASUCHEM 111Introductory Chemistry5.0008/01/2006 Course number changed from 101 to 111.
UCBCHEM 1021Introductory Chemistry3.0008/01/2007  
CSUANTH 100Introductory Cultural Anthropology3.0008/01/2003 Original course: Apcc 100 Intro to Cultural Anthropology.
CSULIFE 201A-BIntroductory Genetics3.0008/01/2007  
CSULIFE 201BIntroductory Genetics: Molecular, Immunological, and Developmental Genetics3.0008/01/2007  
WSCUPHYS 140Introductory Physics (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2005  
UNCPHYS 220Introductory Physics I5.0001/09/2004  
MSUDPSY 1001Introductory Psychology3.0008/01/2003  
CTUPSYC102Introductory Psychology3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSAGY 240Introductory Soil Science, with Lab4.0008/01/2011  
UCCSPES/ENSC 1600Introductory Solar Energy3.0008/20/2010  
UCDMATH 2830Introductory Statistics3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPPHIL 120Islam and Non-Western Religions3.0001/10/2003  
CSUHIST 115Islamic World to 18003.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2326Issues in American Thought and Culture3.0008/01/2007  
CSUECON/AREC240/240Issues in Environmental Economics3.0008/01/2007  
FLCBIO 105Issues in Genetic Engineering4.0008/01/2006  
CCCSITA 211Italian Language III3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSITA 212Italian Language IV3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSJPN 211Japanese Language III3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSJPN 212Japanese Language IV3.0008/01/2005  
CSULJPN 250Japanese Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
UCBRLST 2600Judaism, Christianity and Islam3.0001/10/2003  
UCBGRMN 2601Kafka and the Kafkaesque3.0008/01/2009  
UCBLING 2400Language and Gender3.0001/01/2010  
UCBLING 1000Language in US Society3.00   
CSULCC 2501Language, Literature, Culture in Translation - Italian3.00   
MSUDPHI 1110Language, Logic and Persuasion3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
UCCSAH 1000Languages of Art3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1410Latin America Since 18103.0008/20/2010  
FLCHIST 271Latin America Since Independence4.0008/01/2006  
UCCSHIST 1400Latin America to 18103.0001/07/2011  
MSUDHON 2750Legacy of Arts & Letters3.0008/01/2006  
FLCBA 260Legal Environment of Business3.00   
ASUMATH 150Liberal Arts Mathematics3.0008/01/2005  
UNCBIO 265Life Science Concepts3.0001/01/2007  
ASUPHYS 150Light4.0012/02/2011  
ASUPHYS 150Light4.00   
UCBPHYS 1230Light and Color for Non Scientists3.00   
CSUPPHYS 140/140LLight, Energy and the Atom and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CCCSMAT 255Linear Algebra3.00 08/05/2011 
CCCSLIT257Literature and Film3.00   
CCCSLIT 257Literature and Film3.00   
FLCENGL 180Literature of the Environment4.0001/09/2004  
FLCENGL 280Literature of the Southwest4.0008/01/2006  
CCCSLIT 246Literature of Women3.0008/01/2014  
UCCSENGL 2600Literature, the Global Perspective I3.0008/01/2003  
UCCSENGL 2610 Literature, the Global Perspective II3.0008/01/2003  
CSUMATH 124Logarithmic and Exponential Functions1.0008/01/2007  
CCCSPHI 113Logic3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPHIL 110Logic and Critical Thinking3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: PLCC 110.
UCDPHIL 2441Logic and Language3.0008/01/2003  
CMUECON 201Macroeconomics3.0001/09/2004  
WSCUECON 201Macroeconomics3.0008/01/2003  
CTUECON 2015Macroeconomics3.00   
FLCANTH 215Magic and Religion4.0008/01/2006  
ASUENG 203Major Themes in Literature3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSCOMM 2150Male/Female Communication3.0008/20/2010  
UCBANTH 1180Maritime People: Seafarers and Fishers3.00   
CMUSOCO 144Marriage and Families3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPPSY/WS/SOC231Marriage, Family & Relationship3.00   
CMUMASS 110Mass Media Impact and History3.0001/01/2007  
UCBENGLISH 1600Masterpieces of American Literature3.00   
UCBENGLISH 1500Masterpieces of British Literature3.00   
UNCCHIN 216Masterpieces of Chinese Literature3.0008/01/2012  
UCBCLAS 1110Masterpieces of Greek Literature in Translation3.00   
CSUPENG 221 Masterpieces of Literature I3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSLIT201Masterpieces of Literature I3.0001/10/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CSUPENG 222   Masterpieces of Literature II3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSLIT202Masterpieces of Literature II3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
UCBCLAS 1120Masterpieces of Roman Literature in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
UNCENG 262   Masterpieces of World Literature3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPMET 105Material Science3.00   
CSUMATH 130Math in the Social Sciences3.0008/01/2007  
UCBECON 1078Math Tools for Economists3.00   
CSUPMATH 109Mathematical Explorations3.0001/09/2004  
MSUDMTH 1080Mathematical Modes of Thought3.0001/09/2004  
UNCMATH 120Mathematics and Liberal Arts3.0008/01/2005  
UCBMATH 1410Mathematics for Secondary Educators3.0008/01/2009  
UCBMATH 2380Mathematics for the Environment3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSMAT 120Mathematics for the Liberal Arts4.0008/01/2003  
UCDMATH 1010Mathematics for the Liberal Arts3.0001/10/2003  
WSCUMATH 105Mathematics for the Liberal Arts3.0001/09/2004  
WSCUMATH 131Mathematics for the Social Sciences3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPMCCNM 101Media and Society3.0008/01/2008  
CSUJTC 100Media in Society3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: JT 100.
FLCENGL 217Media Literacy4.0001/01/2007  
CCCSANT 250Medical Anthropology3.0008/01/2011  
UCBFREN 1200Medieval Epic and Romance3.00   
MSUDHIS 3120Medieval History3.0008/01/2010  
FLCHIST 263Medieval Life-Modern Film & Literature4.0008/01/2006  
UCBHIST 2543Medieval Societies3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSHIST 1020Medieval World3.0008/20/2010  
UCBFREN/ITAL 1400Medieval/Renaissance Women Writers in Italy and France3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUPHYS 120Meteorology3.0008/01/2006  
UCBGERMAN 1602Metropolis and Modernity3.00   
UCBGERMAN 1602Metropolis and Modernity3.00   
CCCSBIO 204Microbiology, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CTUHIST101Modern American History: 1950 to the 21st Century3.0008/01/2014  
FLCBIO 110Modern Biological Issues4.0008/01/2003  
MSUDHIS 3700Modern China3.0008/01/2010  
UCCSHIST 1040Modern Europe, 1815-Present3.0008/20/2010  
UCBCLAS/ANTH 2009Modern Issues, Ancient Times3.00   
CCCSHIS259Modern Middle East3.0008/01/2014  
UCBHIST 2126Modern U.S. Politics and Diplomacy3.00   
CSUPHIL 103Moral and Social Problems3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: PLCC 103.
FLCPHIL 251Moral Philosophy4.0008/01/2006  
MSUDHMT 1850Multicultural/Multinational Cultural Adjustment/Readjustment3.00   
UNCMCS 101Multiculturalism in the United States: Concepts and Issues3.00   
CSUMU 100Music Appreciation3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: MUCC 100.
CCCSMUS 120Music Appreciation3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPMUS 118Music Appreciation3.0008/01/2003  
CMUMUSA 220Music Appreciation3.0001/09/2004  
UCDPMUS 1001Music Appreciation3.0008/01/2003  
UNCMUS 247Music Cultures of the World3.0001/01/2007  
UNCMUS 204Music Fundamentals and Experiences3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSMUS121Music History I3.0001/13/201106/30/2011Course title changed.
CCCSMUS122Music History II3.0001/13/201106/30/2011Course title changed.
CCCSMUS 122Music History: Early Romantic Period to the Present3.0008/01/2011 Course title changed.
CCCSMUS 121Music History: Medieval through Classical Period3.0008/01/2011 Course title changed.
UNCMUS 143Music Styles and Context3.0001/01/2007  
CSUMU 111Music Theory Fundamentals3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: MUCC 111.
UCCSMUS 101Music Theory I3.00   
UCDPMUS 1100Music Theory I3.00   
UCDPMUS 1200Music Theory II3.00   
UNCMT 296Musical Theatre History3.0001/01/2008  
CMUENGL 222Mythology3.0001/09/2004  
CSUETST 240Native American Cultural Expression3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST/ETST255Native American History3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: ETCC/HYCC 255.
FLCNAIS 123Native American History4.0012/02/2011  
FLCENGL 176Native American Literature4.0008/01/2006  
MSUDHIS 3090Native Americans in American History3.0008/01/2010  
CCCSENV110Natural Disasters3.0001/01/2014  
UCDGEOG 2202Natural Hazards3.0001/01/2007  
CMUGEOL 107Natural Hazards and Environmental Geology3.0008/01/2006  
FLCCOMP 351New Media and Communication3.00   
CMUENGL 231Non-Western World Literature I3.0001/01/2007  
CMUENGL 232Non-Western World Literature II3.0001/01/2007  
UNCANT 212North American Indians3.0008/01/2008  
CSUMATH 125Numerical Trigonometry1.0008/01/2007  
MSUDGEL 1150Oceanography3.0008/01/2006  
CMUGEOL 104Oceanography3.0008/01/2006  
CSUNR 150Oceanography3.0008/01/2010  
CSUPGEOL 114/114LOceanography/Oceanography Lab4.0001/01/2010  
UCBFREN 1750Oriental Representations in French/Francophone Literature and Visual Arts3.0008/01/2006  
UCBANTH 1190Origins of Ancient Ciivilizations3.00   
UCBATOC 1060Our Changing Environment: El Nino, Ozone and Climate3.00   
UNCGEOL 110Our Geological Environment3.0008/01/2008  
UNCOCN 110Our Ocean Systems3.0008/01/2007  
UNCMET 110Our Violent Atmosphere3.0001/01/2007  
UCBCLAS 2610Paganism to Christianity3.00   
UCDHIST 1381Paths to the Present I3.0008/01/2003  
CSUMATH 135Patterns and Phenomena3.0008/01/2007  
FLCBIO 141People and the Planet3.0001/01/2010  
UNCMUS 241Perceiving the Arts3.00 09/09/2005 
FLCBA102Personal Finance4.0008/01/2010  
FLCES 243Personal Health3.00   
UCCSBIOL 105Personal Nutrition3.00   
MSUDPSY 2160Personality and Adjustment3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
UCBCOMM 1210Perspectives on Human Communication3.00   
UNCPHIL 200Philosophical Figures3.0008/01/2012  
CSUPPHIL 102Philosophical Literature3.0001/09/2004  
UCBPHIL 1600Philosophy and Religion3.0001/10/2003  
UCCSPHIL 1050Philosophy and Religion3.0008/20/2010  
UCBPHIL 1200Philosophy and Society3.0001/10/2003  
UCBPHIL 1400Philosophy and the Sciences3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSPHI 220Philosophy of Death and Dying3.0008/01/2011  
CCCSPHI 214Philosophy of Religion3.0008/01/2006  
CMUPHIL 130Philosophy of Religion3.0001/01/2014  
CCCSANT 111Physical Anthropology3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDANT 1010Physical Anthropology and Prehistory3.0001/01/2007  
CCCSANT 104Physical Anthropology Laboratory1.0012/02/2011  
CCCSGEO 107Physical Geography3.00   
CCCSGEO 111Physical Geography - Landforms, with Lab4.0008/01/2009  
CCCSGEO 112Physical Geography - Weather and Climate, with Lab4.0008/01/2010  
MSUDGEL 1010Physical Geology4.0008/01/2005  
UCCSGEOL 101Physical Geology4.00   
WSCUGEOL 101Physical Geology3.0008/01/2003  
ASUGEOL 111Physical Geology4.0001/09/2004  
FLCGEOL 113Physical Geology4.0001/09/2004  
WSCUGEOL 105Physical Geology Laboratory1.0001/10/2003  
CCCSGEY 111Physical Geology, with Lab4.0008/01/2003  
UCDGEOL 1082Physical Geology: Internal Processes4.0008/01/2005  
UCDGEOL 1072Physical Geology: Surface Processes4.0008/01/2005  
UNCSCI 265Physical Science Concepts4.0008/01/2005  
FLCPHYS 106Physical Sciences4.0008/01/2003  
CMUPHYS 105/105LPhysics by Inquiry and Laboratory3.0008/01/2006  
CMUPHYS 105LPhysics by Inquiry Lab3.0008/01/2006  
UCBPHYS 1010Physics for Everyday Life 13.0008/01/2009  
UCCSPES 1010Physics for Life Science I4.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 1020Physics for Life Science II4.0008/20/2010  
FLCPHYS 217Physics for Science and Engineering I5.0008/01/2006  
CSUPH 141Physics for Scientists and Engineers I3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPH 142Physics for Scientists and Engineers II5.0008/01/2007 Original course number: PHCC 142.
CSMPHGN 100Physics I - Mechanics4.5008/01/2003  
CSMPHGN 200Physics II - E&M and OPTICS4.5001/09/2004  
UCCSPES 1000Physics in Everyday Life3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 1040Physics in Science Fiction3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 2150Physics Lab II Algebra Based1.0008/20/2010  
MSUDPHY 1250Physics of Aviation6.0001/01/2007  
UCBPHYS 1020Physics of Everyday Life 23.0008/01/2009  
CCCSPHY 111Physics: Algebra-based I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHY 112Physics: Algebra-based II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHY 211Physics: Calculus-based I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHY 212Physics: Calculus-based II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
UCBMCDB 1030Plagues, People, and Microorganisms3.0008/01/2009  
UNCMATH 125Plane Trigonometry3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPAGRI 116Plants and Civilizations3.00   
CSUAGRI/IE116/116Plants and Civilizations3.0008/01/2007  
FLCBIO 202Plants and Human Affairs4.00   
FLCBIO 202Plants and Human Affairs4.0008/01/2012  
CMUTHEA 117Play Production3.00   
MSUDPSC 2100Political Socialization3.00   
MSUDPSC 1020Political Systems and Ideas3.0001/09/2004  
MSUDAAS 2200Politics and Black  People3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
UCDMATH 1080Polynomial Calculus3.0008/01/2006  
UCDARTS 1450Popular & Visual Culture: Ways of Seeing3.0008/01/2012  
UCBPORT 2350Portuguese for Spanish Speakers3.0008/01/2009  
UNCLIB 201Power and Control in an Information Society3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSMAT 166Pre-Calculus5.0008/01/2005  
CMUMATH 119Pre-calculus3.0008/01/2003  
FLCMATH 121Pre-Calculus4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPMATH 124Pre-calculus Math5.0008/01/2003  
UCBMATH 1150Precalculus Mathematics3.0008/01/2003  
UCDMATH 1130Precalculus Mathematics4.0008/01/2006  
MSUDMTH 1400Precalculus Mathematics4.0001/09/200407/11/2013 
CCCSBIO103Principles of Animal Biology3.0008/01/2013  
CSUBZ 110Principles of Animal Biology3.0008/01/2008  
CSUBZ 110/111Principles of Animal Biology/Animal Biology Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: BZCC 110/111.
UNCBIO 110Principles of Biology4.0001/09/2004  
CSUPBIOL 100/100LPrinciples of Biology and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPCHEM 111/111LPrinciples of Chemistry and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CMUCHEM 121/121LPrinciples of Chemistry and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
UNCCHEM 111Principles of Chemistry I4.0008/01/2005  
CSMCHGN 121Principles of Chemistry I4.0008/01/2003  
UNCCHEM 111LPrinciples of Chemistry I Laboratory1.0008/01/2005  
CSMCHGN 122Principles of Chemistry II4.0001/09/2004  
MSUDCHE 1100/1150Principles of Chemistry/Principles of Chemistry Lab4.0001/09/2004  
FLCECO 266Principles of Economics3.00   
MSUDECO 2010Principles of Economics - Macro3.0001/09/2004  
MSUDECO 2020Principles of Economics - Micro3.0001/09/2004  
UCDECON 2012Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics3.0008/01/2006  
UCDECON 2022Principles of Economics: Microeconomics3.0008/01/2006  
UCBMCDB 2150Principles of Genetics3.0008/01/2007  
UCBMCDB 2151Principles of Genetics Laboratory3.0008/01/2005  
CMUGEOL 112/112LPrinciples of Historical Geology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
FLCBA 271Principles of International Business4.0001/10/2003  
CCCSECO 201Principles of Macroeconomics3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics3.0001/09/2004  
UNCECON 203Principles of Macroeconomics3.0001/10/2003  
CTUECON210Principles of Macroeconomics3.0001/01/2014  
UCBECON 2020Principles of Macroeconomics3.00   
CSUECON 204Principles of Macroeconomics3.0008/01/2007  
FLCECON 272Principles of Macroeconomics4.0001/01/2007  
CCCSECO 202Principles of Microeconomics3.0001/09/2004  
CSUPECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3.0001/09/2004  
CMUECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3.0001/09/2004  
UNCECON 205Principles of Microeconomics3.0008/01/2003  
UCBECON 2010Principles of Microeconomics3.00   
FLCECON 262Principles of Microeconomics4.0001/01/2007  
CSUECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3.0008/01/2007  
UNCFND 250Principles of Nutrition3.0001/01/2007  
CMUCHEM 122/122LPrinciples of Organic Chemistry and Laboratory5.0001/02/2004  
CMUGEOL 111/111LPrinciples of Physical Geology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
WSCUPHYS 170Principles of Physics I (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2005  
CSUPPHYS 201/201LPrinciples of Physics I and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
WSCUPHYS 171Principles of Physics II (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2005  
CSUPPHYS 202/202LPrinciples of Physics II and Lab4.0001/09/2004  
CSUBZ 120Principles of Plant Biology3.0008/01/2007  
UNCPSY 120Principles of Psychology3.0008/01/2003  
UNCSOC 100Principles of Sociology3.0008/01/2003  
WSCUMATH 213Probability and Statistics3.0008/01/2003  
CMUSTAT 200Probability and Statistics3.0008/01/2007  
CSUJTC 300Professional and Technical Communication3.0008/01/2008  
FLCCOMP 252Professional and Technical Writing4.0008/01/2007  
CCCSPSY 227Psychology of Death and Dying3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSPSY 205Psychology of Gender3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDPSY 2210Psychology of Human Development3.0001/09/200407/11/2013 
CCCSPSY265Psychology of Personality3.0001/01/2014  
CTUPSYC101Psychology: Understanding Individuals3.00   
UCCSCOMM 210Public Speaking3.00   
MSUDSPE 1010Public Speaking3.00   
UCBMATH 1012Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematical Skills3.0008/01/2003  
UCBPSCI 2074Quantitative Research Methods3.00   
CSUECON 212Racial Inequality and Discrimination3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: ECCC 212.
FLCCOMP 150Reading and Writing in College4.0001/09/2004  
CSUE 242Reading Shakespeare3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: ECC 242.
FLCENGL 268Reading Texts/Writing Texts4.0008/01/2006  
CSUE142Reading without Borders3.00   
UCBRLST 2400Religion and Contemporary U.S. Society3.0001/01/2010  
UCBRLST 2500Religions in the U.S.3.0008/01/2009  
UCBRLST 2620Religions of East Asia3.0001/10/2003  
UCBRLST 2610Religions of South Asia3.0008/01/2009  
UCBGERMAN 2502Representing the Holocaust3.00   
UCBINVS 1000Responding to Social and Environmental Problems through Service Learning3.0008/01/2009  
UCBHIST 2100Revolution in History3.00   
UNCMIND 294Revolutions in Science3.00   
UCCSENGL 1310Rhetoric and Writing I: Academic Reading and Analytical Writing3.0008/01/2003  
UCCSENGL 1410Rhetoric and Writing II: Argument and Research3.0008/01/2003  
CSUSPCM 201Rhetoric in Western Thought3.0008/01/2007  
FLCHON/COMP 350Rhetoric of Knowledge4.0008/01/2009  
UCDRUSS 1000Russia and Russians: Life, Culture & Arts3.00 09/09/2005 
UCDRUSS 1000Russia and Russians: Life, Culture & Arts3.00 09/09/2005 
UNCHIST 283Russian Civilization3.0001/01/2007  
CCCSRUS 211Russian Language III3.0008/01/2005  
CCCSRUS 212Russian Language IV3.0008/01/2005  
CSULRUS 250Russian Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0001/01/2008  
CSUEDUC 275Schooling in the U.S.3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: EDCC 275.
UCCSPES 1310Science and Women: A Lab of Her Own3.0008/20/2010  
CCCSSCI 105Science in Society3.0008/01/2012  
UCBCLAS 2020Science in the Ancient World3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSBIO 105Science of Biology, with Lab4.0001/09/2004  
UCBSLHS 2010Science of Human Communication3.00   
CSUCHEM 301Scientific Writing3.0008/01/2010  
UNCSCI 291Scientific Writing3.0008/01/2005  
UNCMIND 290Search for Meaning3.0008/01/2005  
UCBKREN 2110Second Year (Intermediate) Korean I3.00   
CSULARA 200Second Year Arabic I3.0008/01/2007  
CSULARA 201Second Year Arabic II4.0008/01/2008  
CSULCHI 200Second Year Chinese I5.0008/01/2008  
CSULCHI 201Second Year Chinese II5.0008/01/2008  
CSULFRE 200Second Year French I3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: LCC 200F.
CSULCC 201FSecond Year French II3.00 06/07/2007 
CSULFRE 201Second Year French II3.0008/01/2008  
CSULGER 200Second Year German I3.0008/01/2007  
CSULGER 201Second Year German II3.0008/01/2007  
CSULJPN 201Second Year Japanese I3.0008/01/2007  
CSULJPN 200Second Year Japanese I5.0008/01/2008  
UCBNORW 2110Second Year Norwegian Reading and Conversation I3.0008/01/2009  
UCBPORT 2110Second Year Portuguese I3.0008/01/2009  
CSULRUS 200Second Year Russian I3.0008/01/2007  
UCBRUSS 2010Second Year Russian I3.0008/01/2009  
CSULRUS 201Second Year Russian II3.0008/01/2007  
CSULSPA 200Second Year Spanish I3.0008/01/2007  
UCBSPAN 2110Second Year Spanish I3.0008/01/2009  
UCBSWED 2110Second Year Swedish Reading and Conversation I3.0008/01/2009  
CSULSPA 201Second-Year Spanish II3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: LCC 201S.
CSUAMST 101Self/Community in American Culture since 18773.0008/01/2007  
CSUAMST 100Self/Community in American Culture, 1600-18773.0008/01/2007  
FLCENGL 265Semantics4.0001/09/2004  
UCCSSOC 2110Sex and Society3.0008/20/2010  
UCBSOCY/WMST1016Sex, Gender & Society I3.0008/01/2007  
UCBGERMAN 1603Should I or Shouldn't I? Ethical Dilemmas in the Modern Age3.00   
ASUMATH 120Single Variable Calculus I5.0001/10/2003  
ASUMATH 121Single Variable Calculus II5.0008/01/2005  
FLCPHIL 264Social & Political Philosophy4.0012/02/2011  
FLCPHIL 264Social & Political Philosophy3.00   
UCBSOCY 1001Social Conflict & Social Values3.0008/01/2007  
CSUSOC 105Social Problems3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: SCC 105.
WSCUSOC 168Social Problems3.00   
UNCSOC 170Social Problems3.0001/07/2011  
UCCSSOC 2500Social Problems3.0008/20/2010  
CMUSOCO 264Social Problems3.0008/01/2006  
UCBSOCY 2031Social Problems3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPSOC 201Social Problems 3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSPSY 226Social Psychology3.0008/01/2006  
UNCPSY 265Social Psychology3.0008/01/2007  
UCBPSYC 2606Social Psychology3.0001/10/2003  
CSUPSW 205Social Welfare in the United States3.0008/01/2009  
FLCES 150Sociocultural Foundations of Human Movement3.00   
CCCSSOC 237Sociology of Death and Dying3.0008/01/2010  
CCCSSOC 231Sociology of Deviant Behavior3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSSOC 218Sociology of Diversity3.0008/01/2010  
CCCSSOC 205Sociology of Family Dynamics3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSSOC 216Sociology of Gender3.0008/01/2006  
UNCSOC 221Sociology of Gender3.0001/10/2003  
UNCSOC 237Sociology of Minorities3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSSOC 220Sociology of Religion3.0008/01/2009  
CTUSOCL120Sociology: Understanding Groups3.00   
WSCUPHYS 110Solar System Astronomy3.0001/01/2007  
UCBPHYS 1240Sound and Music3.0008/01/2009  
FLCSW 131Southwest History and Culture3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSSPA 211Spanish Language III3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSSPA 212Spanish Language IV3.0001/10/2003  
CSULSPA 250Spanish Language, Literature, Culture in Translation3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDTHE3213Staging Cultures3.0008/01/2013  
FLCPS 120State and Local Government4.0008/01/2006  
CSUPOLS 103State and Local Government and Politics3.0008/01/2007 Original course number: POCC 103.
UNCSTATS 250Statistics for Health Sciences3.0008/01/200501/01/2011 
WSCUBIOL 120Studies in Biology3.0008/01/2006  
WSCUART 106Studio Art for the Non-Artist3.00   
UCBHIST 1208Sub-Saharan Africa to 18003.0008/01/2007  
UNCAFS 205Survey of African American Literature3.0008/01/2008  
CCCSLIT 259Survey of African American Literature3.0008/01/2011  
MSUDAAS 1130Survey of African History3.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 140Survey of African History I4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 141Survey of African History II4.0008/01/2006  
UNCHIST 101Survey of American History from 1877 to Present3.0008/01/2003  
UNCHIST 100Survey of American History from Its Beginnings to 18773.0001/10/2003  
CMUENGL 261  Survey of American Lit I3.0008/01/2003  
CMUENGL 262  Survey of American Lit II3.0008/01/2003  
UNCENG 211   Survey of American Literature3.0008/01/2003  
FLCENGL 240Survey of American Literature4.0008/01/2003  
CCCSLIT211Survey of American Literature3.0001/10/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CCCSLIT212Survey of American Literature II3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CMUARTE 118Survey of Art History3.0001/10/2003  
FLCENGL 230Survey of British Literature4.0008/01/2006  
CSUE 276Survey of British Literature I3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: ECC 276.
UNCENG 213   Survey of British Literature I3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSLIT221Survey of British LIterature I3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CSUE 277Survey of British Literature II3.0008/01/2006 Original course number: ECC 277.
CCCSLIT222Survey of British LIterature II8.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CCCSMAT 125Survey of Calculus4.0008/01/2003  
FLCMATH 210Survey of Calculus4.0008/01/2006  
MSUDCHS 2010Survey of Chicana/o Literature3.0008/01/2006  
CSUPCS 220Survey of Chicano Literature3.0001/10/2003  
CSUPENG 220Survey of Chicano Literature 3.0001/10/2003  
CMUGEOL 100Survey of Earth Science3.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 170Survey of East Asian Civilization I4.0008/01/2006  
FLCHIST 171Survey of East Asian Civilization II4.0008/01/2006  
CMUENGL 254  Survey of English Lit I3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPENG 240   Survey of Ethnic Literature3.0001/10/2003  
UNCMUS 296Survey of History and Literature of Jazz3.0001/01/2009  
CCCSHUM121Survey of Humanities I3.0001/09/200405/31/2006Course title changed.
CCCSHUM122Survey of Humanities II3.0001/09/200405/31/2006Course title changed.
CCCSHUM123Survey of Humanities III3.0001/09/200405/31/2006Course title changed.
CMUFOAN180/180LSurvey of Physical Anthropology (with laboratory)4.0001/01/2014  
FLCHIST 280Survey of US History, 1600-18774.0008/01/2007  
FLCHIST 281Survey of US History, 1877-Present4.0008/01/2003  
FLCHIST 160Survey of Western Civilization I4.0008/01/2003  
UCBPSCI 2004Survey of Western Political Thought3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSMUS 123Survey of World Music3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSLIT121Survey of World Mythology3.00   
UCCSAH 2800Survey: Ancient Art3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSAH 2810Survey: Medieval Art3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSAH 2860Survey: Modern Art I3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSAH 2890Survey: Nineteenth Century Art3.0008/20/2010  
UCCSAH 2820Survey: Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo Art3.0008/20/2010  
FLCAG 180Sustainable Agriculture3.0008/01/2007  
UCBWRTG 3035Technical Communication and Design3.0008/01/2009  
CMUMATH 108Technical Mathematics3.00   
CMUTHEA 119Technical Performance3.00   
UNCENG 227Technical Writing3.00   
CMUSOCI 120Technology & Society3.0001/01/2013  
MSUDIND 2810Technology and Design: Global Perspectives3.0008/01/2006  
UCDENGL 1601Telling Tales: Narrative Art in Literature and Film3.0001/01/2007  
FLCES 242Testing and Statistics3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSPSC 1100The American Political System3.0008/20/2010  
UCBCAMW 2001The American West3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSHIS 101The Ancient World3.00   
FLCENGL 128The Bible as Literature4.0001/09/2004  
CSUGEOL 122The Blue Planet: Geology of Our Environment3.0008/01/2007  
CSUGEOL122/121The Blue Planet: Geology of our Environment/ Introductory Geology Laboratory3.0008/01/2008  
UNCSCI 109The Cosmos3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2215-001The Era of the American Revolution3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2103The History of England to 16603.00   
UCBHIST 2123The History of England, 1660 to Present3.0008/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2513The History of Ireland, 1600 to Present3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSPHIL 1040The Individual and Society: Creating a Self in Society3.0008/20/2010  
MSUDHON 2760The Legacy of Arts & Letters II3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
CMUFINE 101The Living Arts3.0001/01/2007  
CCCSHIS 255The Middle Ages3.0001/01/2010  
FLCMU 101The Musical Experience4.0008/01/2003  
UCCSANTH 2800The Nature of Language: An Introduction to Linguistics3.0001/07/2011  
FLCGEOG 120The North American Landscape4.0008/01/2008  
UCBHIST 1061The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome3.0001/10/2003  
UCCSHIST 1030The Rise of Modern Europe, 1500-18153.0008/20/2010  
ASUSOC 201The Sociological Imagination3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPCS/HIST 136The Southwest United States3.0001/10/2003  
UCBMATH 1110/1120The Spirit and Uses of Mathematics I and II3.00   
CSUE 140The Study of Literature3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: ECC 140.
FLCBA 103The U.S. Business System4.0001/01/2007  
UCBHIST 2166The Vietnam Wars3.00   
UCBSCAN 2202The Vikings3.00   
UCBHIST 1051The World of Ancient Greeks3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSHIS 112The World: 1500 - Present3.0001/13/2011  
CCCSHIS 111The World: Antiquity - 15003.0007/01/2010  
CCCSTHE 105Theater Appreciation3.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
CMUTHEA 141Theatre Appreciation3.0008/01/2006  
UNCTHEA 225Theatre in Film3.0001/01/2007  
CCCSTHE108Theatre Script Analysis3.0008/01/2013  
WSCUMATH 209Theory of Arithmetic and Geometry I3.00   
CMUARTE 102Three-Dimensional Design3.0001/01/2007  
FLCHIST 262Tolerance and Persecution in the Middle Ages4.0008/01/2006  
ASUMATH 107Trig and Analytic Geometry3.0008/01/2005  
UCBGERMAN 2501Twentieth-Century German Short Story3.00   
CMUARTE 101Two-Dimensional Design3.0001/01/2007  
CCCSHIS 260U.S. Foreign Relations History3.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
CMUHIST 131U.S. History3.0001/10/2003  
CMUHIST 132U.S. History3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSHIS201U.S. History I3.0008/01/200301/12/2011Course title changed.
CSUPHIST 201U.S. History I3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPHIST 202U.S. History II3.0008/01/2003  
UCDHIST 1362U.S. History Since 18763.0001/10/2003  
CSUHIST 151U.S. History Since 18763.0008/01/2007  
CCCSHIS 236U.S. History Since 19453.0008/01/2009  
CCCSHIS 122U.S. History Since the Civil War3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSHIS202U.S. History Since the Civil War3.0008/01/200306/01/2014Course number changed to 122.
UCDHIST 1361U.S. History to 18763.0001/10/2003  
CSUHIST 150U.S. History to 18763.0008/01/2007  
CCCSHIS201U.S. History to Reconstruction3.0001/13/201106/01/2014Course number changed to 121.
CCCSHIS 121U.S. History to Reconstruction3.0008/01/2014  
CCCSHIS 245U.S. in the World3.0008/01/2010  
FLCENGL 177U.S. Latina/o Literature4.0001/09/2004  
FLCPS 110U.S. National Government4.0008/01/2006  
UCCSHIST 1520U.S.: Expansion and Division, 1789-18773.0008/20/2010  
UCCSHIST 1540U.S.: Recent America, 1918-Present3.0008/20/2010  
CSUPPSYCH 222Understanding Animal Behavior3.0001/10/2003  
CSUD 110Understanding Dance3.0006/07/2007  
UCBLDSP 2400Understanding Privilege and Oppression in US Contemporary Society3.0008/01/2009  
UNCECON 101Understanding the Contemporary Economy3.0001/10/2003  
UNCPSCI 100United States National Government3.0008/01/2003  
UCBSOCY 1021United States Race and Ethnic Relations3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSSOC 105US Race and Ethnicity3.00   
FLCHIST 181US/SW Environmental History4.0008/01/2006  
FLCSW 181US/SW Environmental History3.0008/01/2006  
UCCSHIST 1510US: Birth of a Nation, 1607-17893.0008/20/2010  
UNCMIND 286Value Issues in Political Economy3.0001/10/2003  
CSUPART 100Visual Dynamics3.0008/01/2003  
UNCART290Visual Thinking & Visual Images3.0008/01/2013  
UCBHIST 2222War and Society in the Modern World3.0008/01/2007  
FLCGEOG 235Weather and Climate3.0008/01/2008  
CMUGEOL 103Weather and Climate3.0008/01/2006  
MSUDMTR 1400Weather and Climate3.0008/01/2006  
UCBATOC 1050Weather and The Atmosphere3.0008/01/2005  
UCBATOC 1070Weather and The Atmosphere Lab3.0008/01/2005  
MSUDAAS 2130West African Civilizations3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
FLCHIST 261West Civ II: 1350 to Present4.0001/10/2003  
UCBHIST 1010Western Civilization 13.0001/10/2003  
UNCHIST 121Western Civilization from 1689 to the Present3.0008/01/2003  
UNCHIST 120Western Civilization from Ancient Greece to 16893.0008/01/2003  
UCBHIST 1020Western Civilization II: 16th Century to the Present3.0001/10/2003  
CTUHIST 1605Western Civilization since 15003.00   
MSUDHIS 1020Western Civilization since 16033.0008/01/2003  
MSUDHIS 1010Western Civilization to 16033.0008/01/2003  
CSUHIST 101Western Civilization, Modern3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 100Western Civilization, Pre-Modern3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSHIS 102Western Civilization: 1650 - Present3.0008/01/2003  
CCCSHIS 101Western Civilization: Antiquity - 16503.0008/01/2003  
CMUHIST 101Western Civilizations3.0008/01/2003  
CMUHIST 102Western Civilizations3.0008/01/2003  
CMUENGL 131Western World Lit I3.0008/01/2003  
CMUENGL 132Western World Literature II3.0001/09/2004  
CSUFW 104Wildlife Ecology and Conservation3.0008/01/2008  
UCBRLST 2800Women and Religion3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSWST 225Women and Social Action3.0008/01/2010  
FLCGWS 283Women in America Since 18484.0008/01/2009  
FLCHIST 283Women in America Since 18484.0008/01/2009  
FLCGWS 282Women in America to 18484.0008/01/2009  
FLCHIST 282Women in America to 18484.0008/01/2009  
UCBCLAS 2100Women in Ancient Greece3.00   
UCBCLAS 2110Women in Ancient Rome3.0008/01/2007  
UNCGNDR101Women in Contemporary Society3.0001/10/2003  
UCBRUSS 2471Women in Russian Culture: From Folklore to the Nineteenth Century3.0008/01/2009  
CCCSHIS 215Women in U.S. History3.0008/01/2010  
MSUDHIS 1650Women in U.S. History3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSHIS205Women in World History3.0008/01/2013  
MSUDWMS 2100 Women of Color3.0008/01/2006  
UCBHIST 2636Women of Color and Social Activism3.0008/01/2009  
UNCNURS 200Women's Health Care3.0001/10/2003  
UCBHIST 2616Women's History3.0008/01/2007  
FLCENGL 175Women's Literature4.0001/09/2004  
CCCSWST 249Women's Sexuality3.00   
CCCSWST 249Women's Sexuality3.0012/02/2011  
UNCANT 120World Archaeology3.0008/01/2003  
FLCANTH 171World Archaeology4.0008/01/2008  
UCBARTH 1300World Art 13.0008/01/2005  
UCBARTH 1400World Art 23.0008/01/2005  
CSUPHIST 102World Civilization from 1100 - 18003.0008/01/2003  
FLCHIST 150World Civilization I4.0001/01/2007  
CCCSHIS112World Civilization II3.0008/01/200601/12/2011Course title changed.
FLCHIST 151World Civilization II4.0001/01/2007  
CSUPHIST 103World Civilization Since 18003.0008/01/2003  
CSUPHIST 101World Civilization to 11003.0008/01/2003  
CSUE 245 World Drama3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: ECC 245.
UNCGEOG 100World Geography3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDHIS 1040World History since 15003.0001/10/2003  
UCDHIST 1026World History Since 15003.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
WSCUHIST 102World History since 16153.0008/01/2003  
MSUDHIS 1030World History to 15003.0001/09/2004  
UCDHIST 1016World History to 15003.0001/10/200308/01/2006 
WSCUHIST 101World History to 16153.0008/01/2003  
CSUHIST 171World History, 1500 - Present3.0008/01/2007  
CSUHIST 170World History, Ancient -15003.0008/01/2007  
CSUAGRI/IE270/270World Interdependence-Population and Food3.0008/01/2007  
CCCSAGR 260World Interdependence: Population and Food3.0001/01/2010  
CCCSLIT 202World Literature After 16003.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
CCCSLIT 201World Literature to 16003.0001/13/2011 Course title changed.
CSULB 171World Literatures -The Modern Period3.0008/01/2003 Original course: Lbcc 171 World Literatures-Modern.
CSULB 170  World Literatures to 15003.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Lbcc 170.
CCCSHUM 115World Mythology3.0008/01/2009  
MSUDHIS 3770World of Islam3.0008/01/2010  
CSUPHIL 170World Philosophies3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Plcc 170.
CMUANTH 222World Prehistory3.0008/01/200308/01/2013Course closed.
MSUDGEG 1000World Regional Geography3.0001/10/2003  
CCCSGEO 105World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003  
FLCGEOG 110World Regional Geography4.0008/01/2003  
CMUGEOG 103World Regional Geography3.0001/10/2003  
UCDGEOG 1102World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003  
WSCUGEOG 110World Regional Geography3.0008/01/2003  
CSUPGEOG 103World Regional Geography3.0001/01/2008  
UCCSGES 198World Regional Geography4.00   
FLCPHIL/RS 172World Religions4.0008/01/2010  
UCDRLST 2660World Religions3.0008/01/2006  
CCCSPHI116World Religions East3.0008/01/2013  
CCCSPHI115World Religions West3.0008/01/2013  
MSUDENV 1400World Resources3.0008/01/200607/11/2013 
UCBHIST 1016World to 15003.00 01/01/2010 
CCCSHIS 265Writing About History3.0008/01/2011  
UNCMUS 152Writing and Scholarship in the Performing and Visual Arts3.0008/01/2007  
CSUCO 300Writing Assignments3.0008/01/2009  
UCBARSC 1150Writing in Arts and Sciences3.0001/01/2010  
FLCCOMP 126Writing in College3.0008/01/2003  
UCBPHYS 3050Writing in Physics3.0008/01/2009  
CSUCO 301DWriting in the Disciplines: Writing in Education3.0008/01/2009  
CSUCO 301AWriting in the Disciplines: Writing in the Arts and Humanities3.0008/01/2009  
CSUCO 301BWriting in the Disciplines: Writing in the Sciences3.0008/01/2009  
CSUCO 301CWriting in the Disciplines: Writing in the Social Sciences3.0008/01/2009  
UCBWRTG 3007Writing in the Visual Arts3.0008/01/2009  
UCBWRTG 3030Writing on Science and Society3.0008/01/2009  
CSUCO 302Writing Online3.0008/01/2009  
FLCCOMP 215Writing/Speaking through Rhetoric3.0008/01/2011  
FLCPHYS 170Your Cosmic Context3.0001/01/2010