GT-SC1 (Course with Required Laboratory)

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InstCourse PrefixCourse IDTitleCreditsEffective DateEnd DateNotes
ASUBIOL 101Introductory Biology4.0008/01/2005  
ASUBIOL 203/203LGeneral Biology/General Biology Laboratory5.0008/01/200308/01/2014Course title & number changed (210/210L).
ASUBIOL 204/204LGeneral Biology II/General Biology II Laboratory5.0008/01/200508/01/2014Course title & number changed (209/209L).
ASUBIOL209/209LGeneral Biology I5.0008/01/2014  
ASUBIOL210/210LGeneral Biology II5.0008/01/2014  
ASUCHEM101Introductory Chemistry5.0008/01/200307/31/2006Course number changed to 111.
ASUCHEM 103Introduction to Forensic Chemistry4.0012/02/2011  
ASUCHEM 111Introductory Chemistry5.0008/01/2006 Course number changed from 101 to 111.
ASUCHEM 131General Chemistry5.0001/09/2004  
ASUCHEM 132General Chemistry II5.0001/09/2004  
ASUENV 101Introduction to Environmental Science4.0008/01/2006  
ASUGEOG101Introduction to Physical Geography4.0001/01/2014  
ASUGEOL 111Physical Geology4.0001/09/2004  
ASUPHYS 150Light4.0012/02/2011  
ASUPHYS 201Introduction to Astronomy4.0008/01/2005  
ASUPHYS 221/222College Physics (and Laboratory)5.0008/01/200308/01/2006Course number changed to 225.
ASUPHYS 225College Physics with Laboratory5.0008/01/2006 Course number changed.
ASUPHYS 230-2General Physics (Calculus) with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
ASUPHYS 232/233General Physics II (Calculus based)5.0008/01/2005  
ASUSCI 155Integrated Science I - Physical Science4.0008/01/2006  
ASUSCI 156Integrated Science II - Natural Science4.0008/01/2006  
CCCSAGY 240Introductory Soil Science, with Lab4.0008/01/2011  
CCCSANT111Physical Anthropology4.0001/01/2015  
CCCSAST 101Astronomy I, with Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CCCSAST 102Astronomy II, with Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CCCSBIO104Biology: A Human Approach4.0001/01/2015  
CCCSBIO 105Science of Biology, with Lab4.0001/09/2004  
CCCSBIO 111General College Biology I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSBIO 112General College Biology II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSBIO 201Anatomy & Physiology I, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSBIO 202Anatomy & Physiology II, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSBIO 204Microbiology, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSBIO 208General College Microbiology, with Lab5.0008/01/2007  
CCCSBIO 220General Zoology, with Lab5.0008/01/2007  
CCCSBIO 221Botany, with Lab5.0008/01/2009  
CCCSCHE 101Introduction to Chemistry I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSCHE 102Introduction to Chemistry II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSCHE 105Chemistry in Context, with Lab5.0008/01/2005  
CCCSCHE 111General College Chemistry I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSCHE 112General College Chemistry II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSENV 101Introduction to Environmental Science, with Lab4.0008/01/2009  
CCCSGEO 111Physical Geography - Landforms, with Lab4.0008/01/2009  
CCCSGEO 112Physical Geography - Weather and Climate, with Lab4.0008/01/2010  
CCCSGEY 111Physical Geology, with Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CCCSGEY 112Historical Geology, with Lab4.0008/01/2012 Course number changed.
CCCSGEY121Historical Geology, with lab4.0008/01/200307/31/2012Course number changed.
CCCSGEY 135Environmental Geology, with Lab4.0012/02/2011  
CCCSMET 150General Meteorology, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSNRE 251General Oceanography, with Lab4.0008/01/2009  
CCCSPHY 105Conceptual Physics, with Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CCCSPHY 107Energy Science and Technology, with Lab4.0001/01/2010  
CCCSPHY 111Physics: Algebra-based I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHY 112Physics: Algebra-based II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHY 211Physics: Calculus-based I, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSPHY 212Physics: Calculus-based II, with Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CCCSSCI 155Integrated Science I: Physics and Chemistry, with Lab4.0008/01/2006 Students MUST successfully pass BOTH SCI 155 & 156 to satisfy the gtPathways science requirement.
CCCSSCI 156Integrated Science II: Earth and Life Science, with Lab4.0008/01/2006 Students MUST successfully pass BOTH SCI 155 & 156 to satisfy the gtPathways science requirement.
CMUBIOL 101/101LGeneral Human Biology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
CMUBIOL 102/102LGeneral Organic Biology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
CMUBIOL 105/105LAttributes of Living Systems and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
CMUBIOL 250/250LIntroduction to Microbiology / Introduction to Microbiology Laboratory5.0001/01/2014  
CMUCHEM 121/121LPrinciples of Chemistry and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
CMUCHEM 122/122LPrinciples of Organic Chemistry and Laboratory5.0001/02/2004  
CMUCHEM 131/131LGeneral Chemistry I and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
CMUCHEM 132/132LGeneral Chemistry II and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
CMUENVS 103/103LField-Based Introduction to Environmental Science4.0008/01/2005  
CMUGEOL 111/111LPrinciples of Physical Geology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
CMUGEOL 112/112LPrinciples of Historical Geology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2003  
CMUGEOL 113/113LField-based Introduction to Physical Geology and Laboratory4.0008/01/2006  
CMUPHYS 105/105LPhysics by Inquiry and Laboratory3.0008/01/2006  
CMUPHYS 111/111LGeneral Physics I and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
CMUPHYS 112/112LGeneral Physics II and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
CMUPHYS 131/131LFundamental Mechanics and Laboratory5.0008/01/2003  
CMUPHYS 132/132LElectromagnetism & Optics and Laboratory5.0001/02/2004  
CSMCHGN 121Principles of Chemistry I4.0008/01/2003  
CSMCHGN 122Principles of Chemistry II4.0001/09/2004  
CSMPHGN 100Physics I - Mechanics4.5008/01/2003  
CSMPHGN 200Physics II - E&M and OPTICS4.5001/09/2004  
CSUAA100/101Introduction to Astronomy/Astronomy Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
CSUANTH120/121Human Origins and Variation/Human Origins and Variation Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
CSUBZ 104/105Basic Concepts of Plant Life/Basic Concepts of Plant Life Lab4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: BZCC 104/105.
CSUBZ 110/111Principles of Animal Biology/Animal Biology Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: BZCC 110/111.
CSUCHEM103/104Chemistry in Context/Chemistry in Context Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: CCC 103/104.
CSUCHEM107/108Fundamentals of Chemistry/Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: CCC 107/108.
CSUCHEM111/112General Chemistry I/General Chemistry Laboratory I3.0001/10/200302/02/2007 
CSUCHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I1.0008/01/2007  
CSUGEOL120/121Exploring Earth: Physical Geology/ Introductory Geology Laboratory3.0008/01/2008  
CSUGEOL121/124Geology of Natural Resources/ Introductory Geology Laboratory3.0008/01/2008  
CSUGEOL122/121The Blue Planet: Geology of our Environment/ Introductory Geology Laboratory3.0008/01/2008  
CSULIFE 102Attributes of Living Systems4.0008/01/2007  
CSUPH110/111Descriptive Physics/Descriptive Physics Laboratory4.0008/01/2007 Original course number: PHCC 110/111.
CSUPH 121General Physics I3.0008/01/2003 Original course number: Phcc 121.
CSUPH 122General Physics II3.00 01/13/2008Original course number: PHCC 122.
CSUPH 141Physics for Scientists and Engineers I3.0008/01/2007  
CSUPH 142Physics for Scientists and Engineers II5.0008/01/2007 Original course number: PHCC 142.
CSUPBIOL 100/100LPrinciples of Biology and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPBIOL 121/121LEnvironmental Conservation and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPBIOL 181/181LCollege Biology I/Organismal Biology and Lab4.0008/01/2008  
CSUPBIOL 182/182LCollege Biology II /Cellular Biology and Lab4.0008/01/2010  
CSUPBIOL 201/201LBotany and Lab4.0008/01/2010  
CSUPBIOL 223/223LHuman Physiology and Anatomy I and Lab4.0008/01/2006  
CSUPBIOL 224/224LHuman Physiology and Anatomy II and Lab4.0008/01/2006  
CSUPCHEM 101/101LChemistry and Society and Lab4.0001/09/2004  
CSUPCHEM 111/111LPrinciples of Chemistry and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPCHEM 121/121LGeneral Chemistry I and Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CSUPCHEM 122/122LGeneral Chemistry II and lab5.0001/09/2004  
CSUPCHEM125/125LEnvironmental Chemistry w/ Lab4.0008/01/2014  
CSUPCHEM 160/160LIntroduction to Forensic Science and Lab4.0008/01/2005  
CSUPGEOL 101/101LEarth Science and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPGEOL 114/114LOceanography/Oceanography Lab4.0001/01/2010  
CSUPPHYS 110/110LAstronomy and Lab4.0001/09/2004  
CSUPPHYS 140/140LLight, Energy and the Atom and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPPHYS 201/201LPrinciples of Physics I and Lab4.0008/01/2003  
CSUPPHYS 202/202LPrinciples of Physics II and Lab4.0001/09/2004  
CSUPPHYS 221/221LGeneral Physics I and Lab5.0008/01/2003  
CSUPPHYS 222/222LGeneral Physics II and Lab5.0001/09/2004  
CTUSCI103Introduction to the Sciences Laboratory1.0001/01/2014  
FLCAG 101Introductory Animal Science4.0008/01/200602/01/2012 
FLCANTH 236Introduction to Physical and Biological Anthropology4.0008/01/2006  
FLCBIO 105Issues in Genetic Engineering4.0008/01/2006  
FLCBIO 110Modern Biological Issues4.0008/01/2003  
FLCBIO 202Plants and Human Affairs4.0008/01/2012  
FLCBIO 234Human Physiology4.0008/01/2007  
FLCBIO 250Ecology of the Southwest4.0008/01/2005  
FLCCHEM 150Fund of Chem I Atoms/Molecules4.0001/09/2004  
FLCCHEM 151Fund of Chem II Chem Reactions4.0008/01/2005  
FLCGEOL 105Earth and the Environment4.0008/01/2008  
FLCGEOL 107Earth Systems Science4.0008/01/2003  
FLCGEOL 113Physical Geology4.0001/09/2004  
FLCPHYS 106Physical Sciences4.0008/01/2003  
FLCPHYS 115Environmental Physical Science3.0001/09/2004  
FLCPHYS 146Introduction to Astronomy4.0008/01/2003  
FLCPHYS 217Physics for Science and Engineering I5.0008/01/2006  
MSUDANT 1010Physical Anthropology and Prehistory3.0001/01/2007  
MSUDBIO 1080/1General BiologyI/General Biology I Lab3.0008/01/2003  
MSUDBIO 1081/1091General Biology II/General Biology II Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDCHE 1100/1150Principles of Chemistry/Principles of Chemistry Lab4.0001/09/2004  
MSUDCHE 1800/1850General Chemistry I/General Chemistry I Lab4.0008/01/2006  
MSUDCHE 1810General Chemistry II4.0008/01/2006  
MSUDEET 1001Electronics: An Introduction3.0008/01/200707/11/2013 
MSUDGEL 1010Physical Geology4.0008/01/2005  
MSUDPHY 1000Introduction to Physics4.0001/01/2007  
MSUDPHY 1250Physics of Aviation6.0001/01/2007  
MSUDPHY 2010/2030College Physics I/College Physics I Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
MSUDPHY 2020/2040College Physics II/College Physics II Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
MSUDPHY 2311/2321General Physics I/General Physics I Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
MSUDPHY 2331/2341General Physics II/General Physics II Laboratory4.0008/01/2005  
MSUDSCI 2610Integrated Natural Science I3.0008/01/2007  
MSUDSCI 2620Integrated Earth Systems3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2010Introduction to Physical Anthropology I3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2020Introduction to Physical Anthropoogy II3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2030Introduction to Physical Anthropology I Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
UCBANTH 2040Introduction to Physical Anthropology II Laboratory3.0008/01/2007  
UCBASTR 1030Accelerated Introductory Astronomy I3.0001/01/2010  
UCBATOC 1050Weather and The Atmosphere3.0008/01/2005  
UCBATOC 1070Weather and The Atmosphere Lab3.0008/01/2005  
UCBCHEM 1021Introductory Chemistry3.0008/01/2007  
UCBCHEM 1071Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry3.0008/01/2007  
UCBCHEM 1111General Chemistry I3.0008/01/2003  
UCBCHEM 1131General Chemistry 23.0008/01/2007  
UCBEBIO 1210/General Biology 1 & Lab3.0008/01/2003  
UCBEBIO  1220General Biology 2 & lab3.0008/01/2003  
UCBGEOG 1001Environmental Systems 1-- Climate and Vegetation3.0008/01/2005  
UCBGEOG 1011Environmental Systems 2 --Landscapes and Water3.0008/01/2005  
UCBGEOL 1010Introduction to Geology 13.0008/01/2005  
UCBGEOL 1030Introduction to Geology Laboratory 13.0008/01/2005  
UCBMCDB 1150Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology3.0008/01/2007  
UCBMCDB 1151Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory1.0008/01/2007  
UCBMCDB 2150Principles of Genetics3.0008/01/2007  
UCBMCDB 2151Principles of Genetics Laboratory3.0008/01/2005  
UCBPHYS 1020Physics of Everyday Life 23.0008/01/2009  
UCBPHYS 1120General Physics 23.0008/01/2005  
UCBPHYS 1140Experimental Physics 13.0008/01/2005  
UCBPHYS 2010General Physics 13.0008/01/2007  
UCBPHYS 2020General Physics II3.0008/01/2007  
UCCSBIOL 1060Introductory Biology Laboratory1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSBIOL 110General Biology I3.0001/01/200808/15/2008 
UCCSBIOL 1200General Biology I: Organismic Biology4.0008/20/2010  
UCCSBIOL 1210General Biology II: Introduction to the Cell4.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM 1010Introduction to Chemistry4.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM 1020Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry4.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM1030General Chemistry I5.0008/20/201008/01/2014Course number changed to 1301.
UCCSCHEM1030General Chemistry I5.0008/20/201008/01/2014Course number changed to 1301.
UCCSCHEM 1060General Chemistry II5.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM 1100Chemistry in the Modern World Lab1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM 1301General Chemistry I5.0008/01/2014 Original course number: 1030.
UCCSCHEM 1310Forensic Chemistry I Lab1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSCHEM 1530Environmental Science Lab1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 1090General Astronomy Laboratory I1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 1100General Astronomy Laboratory II1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 1140Introduction to Physics Laboratory1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 1150General Physics Lab Algebra Based1.0008/20/2010  
UCCSPES 2150Physics Lab II Algebra Based1.0008/20/2010  
UCDANTH 1303Introduction to Biological Anthropology4.0008/01/2007  
UCDBIOL 1550Basic Biology: Ecology and the Diversity of Life4.0008/01/2003  
UCDBIOL 1560Basic Biology: From Cells to Organisms4.0008/01/2003  
UCDBIOL 2071General Biology Laboratory I1.0008/01/2005  
UCDBIOL 2081General Biology Laboratory II1.0008/01/2005  
UCDCHEM 1474Core Chemistry: Chemistry for the Consumer4.0001/01/2007  
UCDCHEM 2038General Chemistry Laboratory I1.0008/01/2006  
UCDCHEM 2068General Chemistry Laboratory II2.0008/01/2006  
UCDENVS 1042Introduction to Environmental Science4.0008/01/2007  
UCDGEOL 1072Physical Geology: Surface Processes4.0008/01/2005  
UCDGEOL 1082Physical Geology: Internal Processes4.0008/01/2005  
UCDPHYS 1000Intro to Physics3.00 12/01/2007 
UCDPHYS 1052General Astronomy I4.0008/01/2005  
UCDPHYS 2030College Physics Laboratory I1.0008/01/2005  
UCDPHYS 2040College Physics Laboratory II1.0008/01/2005  
UNCAST 100General Astronomy4.0008/01/2003  
UNCBIO 101Biological Perspectives3.0001/09/200408/01/2014Course withdrawn.
UNCBIO105Exploring Biology Laboratory1.0001/01/2014  
UNCBIO 110Principles of Biology4.0001/09/2004  
UNCBIO 265Life Science Concepts3.0001/01/2007  
UNCCHEM 102Chemistry for Citizens Laboratory1.0008/01/2007  
UNCCHEM 111Principles of Chemistry I4.0008/01/2005  
UNCCHEM 111LPrinciples of Chemistry I Laboratory1.0008/01/2005  
UNCCHEM 281LGeneral, Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory1.0008/01/2014  
UNCESCI 265Earth Science Concepts for Elementary Teachers3.0001/01/2007  
UNCGEOL 100General Geology4.0008/01/2003  
UNCMET 205General Meteorology4.0008/01/2005  
UNCOCN 200General Oceanography4.0008/01/2005  
UNCPHYS 220Introductory Physics I5.0001/09/2004  
UNCPHYS 240General Physics I5.0001/09/2004  
UNCSCI 265Physical Science Concepts4.0008/01/2005  
UNCSES 220Anatomical Kinesiology4.0008/01/2012  
WSCUBIOL 135Environmental Biology Laboratory1.0001/10/2003  
WSCUBIOL 150Biological Principles4.0008/01/2003  
WSCUCHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I1.0001/09/2004  
WSCUGEOL 105Physical Geology Laboratory1.0001/10/2003  
WSCUPHYS 140Introductory Physics (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2005  
WSCUPHYS 170Principles of Physics I (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2005  
WSCUPHYS 171Principles of Physics II (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2005  
WSCUPHYS 200General Physics I (with laboratory)4.0001/09/2004  
WSCUPHYS201General Physics II (with laboratory)4.0008/01/2014