Educator Preparation Project

The Educator Preparation Project, made possible by a two-year grant from Rose Community Foundation, supports colleges, universities, districts and schools training educators across Colorado.


The goals of the project include working collaboratively with Colorado Department of Education as an educator preparation specialist supporting outreach and training opportunities on the new Colorado Academic Standards and the new Educator Effectiveness initiatives; launching pilot projects in higher education-based preparation and alternative preparation programs; and providing technical assistance focused on scaling up emerging best practices to support the alignment of all preparation programs to the new expectations outlined in S.B. 10-191 by 2015. 

One of the greatest aspects of the Project is teaming across agencies (CDE and DHE) and units (specifically Educator Effectiveness, Standards and Instructional Support, and Office of Professional Services & Educator Licensing). This includes facilitating a monthly CDE/DHE Collaborative which has provided a great forum for us to leverage resources and support P20 initiatives in addition to working as a dynamic support agency.

Key Activities of the Educator Preparation Project

University of Colorado Denver’s Urban Community Teacher Education program and Stanley Teacher Prep are working collaboratively with Colorado Department of Higher Education and Colorado Department of Education to identify a strategic and effective process for embedding Colorado’s education initiatives into educator preparation programs and to disseminate lessons learned to support the success of educator preparation programs across the state and nation. Specifically, the Project focuses on Colorado Academic Standards, including the embedded 21st century skills in all ten content areas (Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids, or CAP4K, S.B. 08-212) and educator quality standards and measures of student learning (Great Teachers and Leaders Act, S.B. 10-191).

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CDE-DHE Collaborative Webinar Series

Colorado's Educator Preparation Project Spring 2014 Webinar Series


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Archived webinars:


Colorado District Sample Curriculum Project: Colorado educators from 116 school districts across the state were involved in authoring over 100 instructional units based on the Colorado Academic Standards. Join these webinars to learn more!


Colorado's Power Counseling Collaborative

April 16, 2014 | University of Phoenix Room 104/105 | 10004 Park Meadows Drive, Lone Tree, Colo.


  • Provide an opportunity for statewide learning and collaboration to support students’ success in achieving college and career readiness.
  • Learn about Colorado’s education initiatives; specifically Graduation Guidelines and State Model Evaluation System for Specialized Service Professionals
  • Gain innovative ideas and inspiration from leaders in the field of educator preparation.


Supporting documents:

Colorado’s Inaugural Educator Preparation Faculty Summit

Jenny Arzberger, right, chatting with summit participants.

Sept. 27, 2013 | Regis University Clarke Hall | 3333 Regis Blvd. Denver


  • Provide an opportunity for statewide learning and collaboration to support Colorado’s initiatives.
  • Gain innovative ideas and inspiration from leaders in the field of educator preparation.

Summit Resources

Special thanks to Eva and Sadie, student interns from Stanley British Primary and Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary learning for capturing our day and creating the following movie: