New Degree and Certificate Proposals


As of 8/1/2014, new degree and certificate proposals should be emailed directly to, Director of Academic Affairs, 303-866-3846. Please send the following information:

  • Program name
  • Degree or certificate level (i.e., Bachelor’s, Master’s, and etc.) and type of award (i.e., B.A., M.S., and etc.)
  • CIP code
  • Date of approval by governing board
  • Number of credit hours
  • Offered as 100% distance/online only?
  • For undergraduate degrees only: Fit with gtPathways and 120 credit cap or justification why gtPathways and 120 credit cap requirements should be waived
  • Brief overview of proposed program
  • Brief statement of evidence of need
  • Brief statement of duplication/similar programs in the state

Note: Educator preparation programs have different requirements. Please visit


The Colorado Commission on Higher Education is authorized to approve academic degree programs to ensure consistency with the institution’s statutory role and mission [23-5-129(6)(b), C.R.S.] and to approve educator preparation programs to ensure they meet certain performance measures [23-1-121(2), C.R.S.]. To view the policies regarding new program submission please go to: